LUSH Bubble Bar: The Comforter.

The prettiest, sweet scented bubble bar you will ever see!

Today’s post is a bit of a different one for me. I swear every beauty blogger is like a lush fanatic but I’ve never really bought into the hype. As much as I love bubble baths and pampering myself, I rarely go into a lush and see something that I feel I need. There isn’t actually one in my town anyway, but on the odd occasion that I ever pass one, I usually go have a look but just don’t find anything that takes my fancy. Also I don’t mind treating myself every now and again but I think 4 pounds for a bath bomb that only gets one use is a bit much?! I’d rather buy myself like a huge bottle of scented bubble bath that will last me ages. Anyway, my mum recently went to London for a couple of days and ventured into the Lush on Oxford Street and brought me back ‘The Comforter’ as a gift which was a nice surprise. I fell in love at the first scent – so good.

I reckon most people have probably used this before but The Comforter is a bubble bar that has the most gorgeous fruity scent. It has a blackcurrant scent which I think smells really sweet and like sherbet. I absolutely love sweet scents so it’s the ideal scent for me, and it’s really overpowering which I also love. I’ve had bubble bars from Lush before but not this one, and it’s pretty huge compared to most of them which is something I love about it. There’s so much product so it’s going to last me a good few pamper sessions! Not only does it smell really good, but I only broke off a small amount and it gave me such a good bubble bath, plus it coloured it pink – winning. I think this is the best product I’ve ever tried from Lush and I will definitely be getting myself another the next time I pass one.

How pretty?! Anyone else obsessed with this bubble bar?