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The liquid lipsticks you can’t go wrong with!

I used to be a massive fan of a liquid lipstick but these days I’m preferring more moisturising lipsticks with a cremesheen finish. I feel like my liquid lipsticks are getting neglected so I thought that I would do a post on my favourites, and the ones that I always reach for if I want to wear a matte or long lasting lipstick. I really love each of these formulas for different reasons, but I only tend to get myself one shade of each lipstick rather than picking up a few, so a couple of these shades are a bit more ‘out there’ as they’re the only lip shade I picked up from that brand.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipstick in ‘Chocolate Milkshake’ | £19.00

This is one of the only liquid lipsticks I don’t reach for if I want a long lasting lip because it’s not matte nor is it long lasting. Most liquid lipsticks are long wearing and matte but the Too Faced Melted Chocolate range isn’t, the formula is just really easy to apply and smells reallllllly good. I love it because it’s not drying or anything and it feels really nice on the lips. It is a bit annoying that it’s not long wearing but it’s so easy to apply with the applicator that it doesn’t really matter. I believe Too Faced now have a Melted Matte range so clearly the other melted lipsticks were never supposed to be matte, but they are still really lovely. I love the shade of this as it’s a really nice everyday nude and it’s something I can still reach for with my new love for moisturising lipsticks because it is so lovely & easy to wear!

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Iced Mocha’ | £9.50

I was so desperate for this shade when I first bought this lipstick, it was something so unlike other shades I owned and I really wanted this sort of purple/brown in a lipstick. I’m not a massive fan of it now, it’s okay, it’s just really dark on me because I’m so pale. I think I’ll probably reach for this way more in Autumn/Winter, but I still love it because of the formula. It’s a matte lip and for £9.50 it’s actually a really affordable liquid lipstick to say how long wearing it is. It’s almost priced as if it isn’t a high end product. I don’t find it to be really drying either which is great, I definitely need to pick up more in different shades. Let me know if you recommend any!

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in ‘Birthday Suit’ | £4.99

This is a liquid lipstick I picked up after all the blogging hype over it. For a fiver, it’s definitely worth getting if you want an affordable matte liquid lipstick. It takes a while to dry down into a matte, in my lip swatch it was still in the drying process so it’s not fully dried but once it has it is quite long wearing. I really like the shade, it’s a nice shade of pink and I don’t own anything alike it so I’m glad I picked this up. I really hope sleek bring out a wider range of shades as these liquid lipsticks are definitely a steal!

Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof Liquid Lipstick in ‘Make Your Move’ | £6.99

This is definitely one of my all time fave liquid lipsticks, look at that shade! So beaut. This is a really pretty rose nude shade and it just goes with so many different looks. The formula is so-so, it can apply quite patchy and take a while to dry down but once you get the hang of using this, it looks fab! It’s pretty long wearing for a drugstore liquid lipstick, however it can be hard to re-apply if it comes off as it does tend to go patchy and a little clumpy. It’s also quite drying but usually I find the more drying, the longer lasting, so I guess you just decide whether or not you want to put up with it. It’s easy enough to apply a lip balm over lipsticks like this though so there’s always ways around it. I just love this shade though, it’s also quite similar (but more pink toned) to the next lipstick I’m going to mention…

My absolute fave of all, Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks are just to die for. I reallllllllly need to get more of these, like asap. Anyway Lolita II is just the most beautiful shade ever, just look at it, that terracotta nude is perfect. It applies quite dark on my light skin but that makes me love it even more. I just love the formula, I don’t find it to be overly drying, it dries down to a complete matte, and it is so long wearing. I can’t wait for Kat Von D products to be more available in the UK as I will easily end up with the entire collection of these liquid lipsticks. This one is a must have.
It’s safe to say I don’t reach for this shade too often nowadays, I did used to be obsessed with a red lip and wore this so much but these days I’m more of a nude kinda gal. Anyway, it had to be mentioned because the Stila formula is absolutely ah-mazing. It honestly is the most long lasting liquid lipstick I’ve ever used and is worth every single penny. The amount of times I have worn this lipstick in the past through eating and everything and it just hasn’t budged. I’ve been saying for months and months that I’m going to pick up more shades from this range but I’m still yet to. I guess when you have other liquid lipsticks in different shades you just don’t feel the need to pick up more, but I really must do one of these days. I also love the smell of this, I don’t know if the new ones in the range have the same smell (I know they have prettier packaging) but hopefully they do because it kinda smells like birthday cake. This is quite drying again, but so long lasting that it’s just completely worth it. Perfect for wearing out to dinner!
So those are my liquid lipsticks, my collection isn’t half as big as most peoples but I just don’t really opt for a liquid lip very often these days. I do really want to pick up some more from KVD & Stila and I’ve also been desperate to try out some ABH ones for ages. So maybe I’ll get some and do another post sometime soon!
What’s your favourite liquid lipstick? 🙂

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