Makeup Storage Tour.

A lil tour of my acrylic makeup storage…

I’ve had some muji drawers for a good year or more now and find them really good for storing most of my makeup in but I was starting to get a bit bored of how bland they looked. I was also beginning to run out of space and finding everything was getting a bit too crammed together. I found a really affordable makeup storage set on eBay which looks a tad more fancy and I decided to order it to go on top of my muji set. I think it looks much nicer now as well as a lot more organised as I have way more space to store everything without piling it all on top of each other. I don’t think I’ve ever done a tour of my makeup storage so I thought that now would be the perfect opportunity whilst it’s all clean & fresh!

I set my storage mostly in order from the bottom drawer to the top drawer as that way I can just pull each drawer out as I apply my makeup and shut them all when I’m finished rather than having to close one to get into another below. That’s the idea anyway, doesn’t always work out that way!

In the very bottom drawer, I have my favourite primer, my go-to foundations, most used concealers and setting powders.

In the next drawer, I have all of my favourite contour palettes, bronzers, blushes and my holy grail Becca highlighter.

In the drawer above that, I have my custom Mac palette, a spare brand new KVD liquid lipstick (planning to put this in a giveaway!), and then just an assortment of eyeliner pencils and lip liners. I don’t really use lip liners anymore so wasn’t sure where to put all these but this space was empty so I just filled it with them.

In my fourth and last muji drawer, I have a couple of small eyeshadow palettes from Sigma & Tanya Burr that I needed to home, and an assortment of my favourite mascaras.

 Moving onto the next set of drawers, I have brow products like my pomades and brow gels on one side and a few liquid lipsticks, glosses and a random eye pencil from UD on the other.

This drawer is basically all eye makeup products. I have all of my Mac pigments, MR eye foils, liquid eyeliners, my eyeshadow primer, and then a couple of random loose pigments, cream shadows and my NARS sharpener.

In the top two drawers, I just have all lip products. A few liquid lipsticks, glosses, my NARS velvet matte pencils and a Mac lip prep & prime.

In the top section, I’ve filled the right hand side holders with all of my Mac lipsticks, a couple of Charlotte Tilbury and Rimmel Kate ones, and then just a few random bits on the back. On the left is my UD setting spray, a couple more foundations and a primer, my lightening drops and then just a few rose gold makeup brushes. There’s also a section behind the setting spray that has my lash curlers and tweezers and things in.

Palettes are a hard one to store so I came up with an idea last year sometime to store them in this cute copper basket I got from H&M. It doesn’t fit them all in obviously but it fits most of the ones I own in and it’s a good way to have them handy!

And I also have a gold tray next to my drawers with bits and bobs on including my day to day makeup brushes, cotton buds and a couple of my favourite perfumes.

So that’s how I’m currently storing my makeup! It changes all the time to be honest, especially when I’m constantly adding new makeup to my collection, but this is how it looks at the mo. If you have any useful makeup storage tips let me know! 🙂