The Student Wardrobe.

Some Topshop picks for the essential student wardrobe…

I don’t blog many fashion posts but Topshop gave me an opportunity that was too good to miss out on and I thought it would make a nice change, who doesn’t love a bit of outfit inspo? I graduated from Uni earlier this year and most girls have an obsession for clothes shopping (after makeup of course…) but the one thing that was essential to me as a (lazy) student was to have a wardrobe of comfy clothes. Topshop was actually my most visited place for clothes whilst I was at Uni because I practically lived in their high waist joni jeans, comfiest things ever. My faves were their black ones but they faded in the wash so I was constantly buying more pairs. I think feeling comfy (whilst still looking good) is such an important part about being a student because when the pressure of coursework hits, you need to try and chill out as much as possible. But at the same time, what you wear can say a lot about you as a person, I know that tutors were always repeating this to everyone on my course, and how it can make a difference to you as a professional in the design industry. It doesn’t mean you need to wear certain types of clothing, just that you should always look well dressed in whatever style you choose to go for. So basically I aimed for outfits that were comfy but cute.

The other thing about being a student is that you’re usually on a budget so it’s good to invest in clothing of good quality and that you know will last you well. Topshop can be quite pricey but everything I’ve ever bought from there has been of such high quality that it’s lasted me so long. My black joni jeans do fade in the wash but the quality of the jeans themselves doesn’t change, I just eventually end up with a grey pair rather than a black. I’ve had a pair of Topshop leggings in the past that lasted me about three years which is crazy, no holes or anything! With all those student nights out, it’s also handy to go for wardrobe pieces that will work well casually as well as more dressed up, that way your budget can stretch further. I often wore my skinny jeans on nights out as well as a casual dress or skirt, they’re all things that can easily be dressed up so they were perfect student wardrobe essentials.

Anyway here are some bits that might give you a bit of inspo if you’ve started Uni this year and want to grab yourself some new wardrobe pieces that will last you well!

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Scallop Hem Mini Skirt* | £26.00
I’ve always loved scalloped skirts, they’re simple but that little bit of detail makes all the difference. I think this is a great wardrobe staple as it can be worn casually with a big jumper or plain tee or dressed up with a crop top and heels for a night out. It’s so cute, I’ll be rocking it with a pair of thick tights and a jumper during the winter!

MOTO Cord Pini Dress* | £39.00
I’ve been obsessed with pinafore dresses since I was a student, they just make such a cute outfit. This pink one from Topshop is so soft and comfy, it’s the perfect casual throw on piece for the student life!

Petite Rib Hybrid Jumper* | £32.00
Collars and jumpers are so student-y, I always think I look really young when I wear them but they’re so popular because they just look so cute. I’m in love with this pink one, it’s really slouchy and lovely to wear, plus Topshop jumpers always stay soft and never shrink in the wash for me so you can’t go wrong!

Woven Pocket Hybrid Jumper* | £46.00
It’s got to that time of year where all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in a big cosy jumper so if you’re feeling those Autumn vibes, this jumper is perfect. It’s a tad oversized so it’s super comfortable to wear and I loooove it. The pocket is a really nice touch to it too.

MOTO Indigo Ripped Joni Jeans | £38.00
You can’t go wrong with a good pair of joni jeans, but it’s even better when they’re ripped. If you’re wanting to be ‘on trend’ then these are a must have, not only are they the comfiest jeans you’ll ever own but they look fab too. These ripped jeans pair so well with a pretty crop top as well as a more laid back casual tee or slouchy jumper.

MOTO Velvet Pinafore Dress | £40.00
I really like simple pieces in my wardrobe and this is another one that is a great staple for a student because it again can be dressed up or down for all occasions. Also if you love to wear black it’s perf!

MOTO Black Joni Jeans | £36.00
Same goes for these as the other joni jeans really. I think black jeans are a staple in every girls wardrobe because they just go well with literally everything. I lived in mine at Uni so they’re definitely worth the price tag!

Cold Shoulder Bardot Dress | £42.00
This is quite a dressy dress but I personally would wear this casually as well because it’s just so cute. It comes in other colours too but this grey one is the shade I’d go for in my wardrobe, plus because it’s such a neutral shade, it’s easier to dress up or down.

What were/are your student wardrobe essentials?