BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette.

Beauty Bay just got BH Cosmetics in stock so I finally got my hands on the gorgeous Shaaanxo palette!

If you don’t already watch Shaaanxo on YouTube then you’re missing out, I love her so much. She’s absolutely incredible at makeup and she’s so down to earth and just a genuinely lovely person. She collaborated with BH Cosmetics and brought out this gorgeous eyeshadow palette which wasn’t available in the UK so I couldn’t get it which was really annoying. Then as soon as I found out that Beauty Bay had started stocking BH Cosmetics products, I had to make an order and get hold of it! There was some drama surrounding this palette and the one that Kylie Jenner brought out as Shan’s came out first and Kylie then brought her eyeshadow palette out that looks incredibly similar, but I’m not really sure what the score is with that. I don’t have Kylie’s palette but from pictures I’ve seen they do look quite alike so if you’re wanting Kylie’s, you could get Shan’s for a more affordable option.

I originally thought this was just an eyeshadow palette as I haven’t read any reviews or watched any videos of Shan reviewing it so when it arrived and I found out it had two sides, it was a nice surprise! The palette opens at both sides and on one side there’s eyeshadows and on the other there are lipsticks.

The eyeshadows don’t have names but they are each absolutely gorgeous and have so much pigmentation. There is a really nice mix of shimmers & mattes, including two warm matte shades perfect for the crease and a dark matte which comes in handy as an eyeliner. There are two light shades, one matte and one shimmer which both come in handy as highlights, I use the matte one under my brow bone and the shimmery one in my inner corners. The shimmery highlight shade is to die for, it’s so pretty! The other four shades are just a variety of shimmers, there is a pink toned coppery shade, a red toned brown and the other two are bronzey shades, one warm and one cool. Overall it’s a perfect everyday palette and also really Autumnal, although I find most neutral palettes are! I have a lot of nude/neutral toned palettes but I find this to be really different from them all which is what I like about it.

Over to the lipstick side… some of the lip shades are ones that I wouldn’t go for, however I like that there is a variety to suit all occasions! I do really like the two darker berry shades in this, they’re perfect for A/W and there’s a couple of really pretty nude shades but I just hate the formula of these. It’s more like a gloss than a lipstick, they’re really difficult to apply and they’re so sticky so I just don’t think I’ll be reaching for these very often if at all. I’m not one for lipsticks that come in palettes anyway but because the shades are really pretty I thought that it would be worth a shot trying them out. It doesn’t matter that I don’t get on with the lipsticks to be honest though, I bought this purely for the eyeshadows and nothing else anyway.

The palette retails for £16 which I think is such a good price and more than worth it for the eyeshadows alone, I don’t even think it needs the lipsticks in it. If you’re after an affordable neutral palette for the A/W then I really recommend this one, the eyeshadows are so beautiful and are amazing quality. I’ve been wearing this everyday since I got it and had loads of compliments on my eyes!

Do you think you’ll be trying out this palette?

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