A Few Home Favourites.

I’m forever reorganising my shelves and buying in new home bits so I thought that I would share what I’ve been loving lately…

I’m sure I said ages ago in a blog post that I was planning on posting about my two sets of shelves as I’m always working on decorating and organising them. I’m going back months I believe because I’ve just never got around to it. I’ve been gradually picking up home bits from here there & everywhere and I finally got around to reorganising my copper set of shelves to the point where I’m actually happy with how they look (for now!) but my other set are still a bit of a mess at the mo. Anyway, I thought I’d just share a few of the bits that I’ve picked up and the places that I’ve got them from because I’ve been finding some really affordable and gorgeous home additions and I know most people love a good homeware post!

Peek-A-Boo Lavender & Gold Scalloped Mug | £12.80
I’ve had this mug for absolutely ages, my sister bought it for me as a birthday gift a few years back (I’m sure this is the shop she bought it from if I remember correctly) and it still looks good as new. I’ve used it and put it through the dishwasher hundreds of times but after a while felt it was too pretty to be stuck in the kitchen cupboard, so I decided to plot it on my shelves instead and add it to the decor. I had it on my other set of shelves at first with hand creams and bits in but I recently moved it to the copper set and put some rose gold makeup brushes in it. I think it looks really pretty!

Kate Spade Rise to the Occasion Scented Candle* | £42.00
With Christmas approaching and the weather getting colder & colder, I love lighting candles and feeling all cosy inside. One of my recent candle additions is this beautiful Kate Spade one which has the most gorgeous packaging. I’ve actually put this on my other set of shelves but I haven’t photographed them as they’re still a complete mess so look out for pictures of them on Instagram when I get round to finishing them! I received this from Amara who sent me their quiz on how to find the perfect home fragrance. You basically answer a few questions and then it tells you the scent best suited to your personality and you can then shop that scent to find a new home fragrance perfect for you! I got the answer ‘sweet’ which couldn’t have been a more perfect match because I absolutely adore sweet scented things. I’m all about vanilla and coconut scents and anything sweet smelling like that. You can take the quiz here if you’d like to find out what scent you’re matched up to. The Kate Spade candle that I chose from the sweet range is macaroon scented but I actually find it to be not very sweet smelling and to have more of a soapy smell. I haven’t lit it yet so maybe once it starts burning it will infuse the room with a sweeter smell, we’ll see. For now it just plays a part in looking beautiful as part of my decor!

Max Benjamin Coffee & Cardamom Scented Candle* | £15.00
Another candle I chose from Amara was this Max Benjamin one which is a brand I haven’t heard of before but let me tell you, this candle smells absolutely divine. The scent has base notes of coffee, cardamom, spice & patchouli with top notes of rose & vanilla. I can’t smell the coffee or the spice at all, all I get is a gorgeous sweet vanilla based scent which I adore. It couldn’t be a more perfectly suited candle, I’m obsessed. Not only does it have this amazing scent, but it’s encased in this really nice copper tin that I think looks so pretty sitting on my copper shelves. I’m hoping that the candle will burn for a while yet, but once it’s used up, I’ll be keeping the tin to store things in because it’s beaut!

Febreze Spiced Apple Scented Candle | £1.99
I pop into b&m quite often because they have some amazing affordable home finds and you can pick up some really nice bits. I went in the other day looking for some new candles and picked up this Febreze one with a spiced apple scent as it’s a very Christmassy scent and it also has this really pretty festive packaging. I’m not a huge fan of most Christmas scents, I only like things like spiced apple and gingerbread really, but this spiced apple one smells fab. It also makes for a nice festive decoration which is fitting since we’re now in December and it’s so affordable too!

Essence Bakery Scented Candle Set | £1.99
I also got these bakery scented candles in b&m that come as a set, I can’t find them online but if you find them in store they are so worth picking up. For only £1.99 you get a set of four different scented candles that each smell so gorgeous. The bakery scents are strawberry cupcake, apple tart, coconut cream & toffee cupcake. I don’t even have a favourite because they all smell insane, definitely an absolute steal for that price!

A5 Gold Cover Notebook | £4.00
I recently discovered Hema when looking for some Christmas home bits after someone recommended it to me on twitter and I’m now obsessed with this shop. There are some really great finds on there and everything is so lovely and really really affordable. I made an order and picked up this pretty hardback notebook with a gold cover which is only four pounds and it looks gorgeous stood on my shelves, it’s such a steal! It’s one of those pieces of stationary that makes for a great desk piece or blog prop, definitely worth picking up.

LED Copper Star Lights | £4.50
Another item I ordered from Hema were these copper star LED lights that are so cute. The copper wire is quite lengthy so they can be wrapped around anything you want to spruce up and the little stars make them the perfect Christmas decor. I really like them because they’re also the sort of thing that can be used all year round and they’re just really cute!

So that’s a round up of some of my current fave home bits, I’m always picking up new things so if you like these posts I’ll make sure that I do more little home hauls. Also let me know if you know of any other good little online stores with cute home-y things on that I might not have discovered yet!

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