Reuben Oliver: 2 Month Update.

This little cutie is now 8 weeks old and he’s growing up far too fast. 

Here’s what’s new…

I can’t believe it’s come around to his two month update already, when they say that babies aren’t babies for long, they aren’t kidding. I mean obviously he’s still a teeny tot, but he’s growing up so so fast, it’s crazy. The past month has seriously flown by but it’s amazing to look back and see all the changes in him and how his personality has developed. He’s certainly turning into a little character this one!


He’s now awake a lot more during the day than he was, his eyesight is no longer that of a newborn because he often watches me and his eyes will follow me around the room, it’s super cute. He still hates being put down but sometimes he will be okay for a while if he’s got something to keep him entertained. His favourite thing to watch at the moment is his mobile, he loves the music and watching the toys circle around, he always watches it like he’s never seen it before. If I need 5 minutes to myself, popping him down in his cot and putting his mobile on will keep him entertained for a bit. He’s still obsessed with bright lights and loves looking at all of the lights on the Christmas tree, his favourite lights to look at are ceiling lights though. He just stares at them, it’s so weird how one boring ceiling light can keep a baby so amused!

He started smiling when he was about 5 weeks old, at first I wasn’t sure if it was a genuine smile but when I spoke to him and tickled his chin, he was giving me the biggest grin so I knew it was a real smile! He still smiles if I tickle his chin, although whenever anyone else does it he doesn’t, so it must be a mummy thing. Whenever he’s in a good mood and I talk to him in silly voices he always starts smiling & laughing now, it’s so sweet. It can be quite difficult to get pictures of him smiling, the one above took a good half an hour of me saying the same thing to him over & over again in the silliest voice! His babbling often turns into shouting and he has a really loud voice when he wants to, unfortunately for his mummy at night time. He’s definitely going to be one loud little boy when he’s bigger.

He’s a real wriggler too, he’s always flapping his arms about and kicking his legs, it can make changing time really difficult, the little monkey! He always waves his arms about when there’s toys near him so I don’t think it will be long before he’s grabbing hold of things, I’m sure he’s already trying to. He’s still got a strong grip on him and he pushes his legs down so hard that he can stand up on me if I’m holding him. He can also hold his head up really well now and I have a feeling he’s going to be sitting up before I know it. I think he might be one of those babies that starts walking really early on too, I could be wrong but he definitely gives me that impression.


I’m not sure what he weighs as he hasn’t been weighed recently but I reckon he’s at least 12lb by now. He’s constantly hungry, although he’s still on 6oz bottles every 3 hours as he throws up quite a bit so I don’t want to up his feeds anytime soon. Sometimes he goes 5 or so hours during the night without a feed and it does wonders for my sleep! He’s actually started closing his eyes when I turn the lights off and sleeping a lot better at night, thank the lord. We don’t always have an easy night but there’s definitely a lot more of them these days. He got measured a couple of weeks ago and the HV said he’s over average for his height, and I did think he was quite a ‘tall’ baby. He’s quite large in the sense that he’s long rather than chubby (still has that baby chub tho, especially them cheeks!)

His hair has also grown so long, his head isn’t covered in it but at the back and on the top there are really long clumps of hair. I say hair, it’s more like fluff, it’s so soft. You can never see his hair in photos because it’s like a dark blonde colour so it doesn’t show up and makes him look bald, but he actually has loads of it! I can’t wait for it to grow more.

I’m really looking forward to his first Christmas, even though he won’t understand what it is. I’ve bought him a few presents anyway, any excuse to get him some new toys. I’ve already started photographing him in all his Christmas outfits, how cute does he look?! You can follow me on Snapchat to see more of this little dude, my username is the same as all of my social media: gemellisx – I post photos & videos of him practically everyday, it’s baby spam overload! So that’s it for now, I can’t wait to see him grow even more over the next month 🙂