2017 Goals.

I’ve set a few goals for 2017 – I suppose they’re my New Year resolutions? Here they are…

Can you believe we are in 2017 already? How many times have you heard that sentence? It really is crazy how fast a year goes by though. 2016 has brought me tears, fear, excitement, a LOT of impatience and a huge amount of happiness. It’s been an incredibly tough year, but also the best year of my entire life. I got surprised with a pregnancy, and the same night I found out I met the band I’ve loved for eight years, I finally visited Paris, I turned 22, I graduated from University, I experienced 9 months of pregnancy and grew a child within my body, and I was then blessed with the most beautiful baby boy. He is my whole world and I can’t thank life enough for giving me what I’ve always wanted.

2016 has also been the making of my blog, it turned a year old back in February and I have learnt and gained so much since. My photography has drastically improved, my following has tripled and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands. As a nice way to start the year off, I thought that I would post my first set of yearly goals. I never did this last year so I want to start making it a yearly tradition to look back on.

Blog More Regularly;
Since having Reuben I’ve found it really hard to keep on top of my blog (and everything else) and my posts have been a bit all over the place. I made it a bit of a goal recently to try and upload to Instagram at least once a day and I want to follow suit by trying to get back into blogging three times a week like I used to. It may take a while or I may get into a routine quickly, I don’t know. But I’m definitely aiming towards it!

Post More Makeup Looks;

I’ve struggled with these for a while, which upsets me because they’re my most popular posts yet the most time consuming. I went from being heavily pregnant and finding it hard to gain the motivation to do them, to going into labour and having a newborn on my hands. I planned to do one for Halloween but I had Reuben two weeks before it so it became impossible, then I wanted to do a Christmas inspired look but both me & Reuben got ill. Then to top it all off I haven’t even been able to do the one I planned for New Years because I ended up getting even more ill and coming down with the most horrendous flu! So the past few months haven’t been ideal really but hopefully this year things will start going right and Reuben will get into more of a routine so I have more time on my hands to post more of them.

Be More Organised;

It’s really hard to stay organised as a mum because I tend to find that something always gets in the way, but I think there’s certain things that I could be doing to stay on top of things. For example, it’s so handy to do all of my photography in bulk, that way I have loads of photos for blog posts and I can just sit down and write one to schedule even if I have to sit with a baby in my arms. But I’m terrible for doing it, usually it’s more a case of having a screaming baby and trying to quickly snap a flat lay and tidy it all up so I can get to him and sort him out, but still. Sometimes I do have half an hour or so where I could take more than one photo and I just don’t, so I really need to make more of an effort to be a bit more organised when I can be.

Get in Shape;

I am probably the worst person for having a lack of motivation when it comes to exercise. I hate hate hate exercise with a passion, but I gained three stone whilst I was pregnant and only lost two of it afterwards so I’m desperate to get back to my pre-pregnancy body weight and shape. I also have a mummy tummy which I really hate and I know Reuben is only 11 weeks old but I really want to make an effort this year to start exercising. I’m usually quite good with those 30 day challenge things but I just give up after that so I need to force myself to keep going. I feel like a personal trainer would work wonders for me but it’s a pricey commitment when you have a baby to look after!

Develop My Blog Further;

I occasionally earn some pretty good money from this blog and I really want to make it more of a regular thing because it’s something that I’m really passionate about. There’s nothing better than having a job that you love and I’ve developed such a strong love for this blog that it would be fab if I could grow it bigger & better. I think I want to make it one of my main focus points this year to really put my all into my blog as well as my Instagram account to try and gain myself some more exposure. I really appreciate everyone that visits & reads my blog because I honestly love blogging and I wouldn’t be here without you guys!

So those are my goals for 2017. Let me know if you’ve posted about yours, I’d love to have a read!
Also Happy New Year 🙂