A Guide to Photography Props.

Want some new props to spice up your blog photography? Here’s a few ideas…

Photography props have become quite important to me over the past couple of months, I love throwing all sorts together now to create big busy photos. I’ve grown quite a large collection of things I’ve specifically bought to use now, I’ve actually had to go out and buy a large plastic tub to store it all in. I also like to stock up on pretty homeware bits that I can use, but I always find a place for those in my bedroom so that my room looks cute as well as my photographs. If you read my recent blog post on How to Master Flat Lay Photography then you might remember that I mentioned a few of my favourite props to use. There’s an unlimited amount of things you can actually use because you can pretty much just use anything as a prop! I’ve put together a few ideas if you’re looking for some pretty things to up your photography game anyway, so hopefully these may help someone out.

I used to buy ribbon whilst I was a graphics student because I liked getting creative with it in my sketchbooks, but one day I was doing some photography for a blog post and decided to put it in the picture. It looked fab and I’ve been hooked on using it ever since. I still have the same ribbon that I started with but I also now have a lot of other colours too! I mostly have a range of different shades of pink, but it means that I don’t have to constantly use the same pieces in my posts. I literally just pop on eBay and pick it up for around a pound with free postage. It costs hardly anything and adds such a cute touch to your photos. I recently picked up three different shades of satin ribbon from this seller here and some sheer ribbon from this seller here. It’s all so pretty!

Flowers are another one of my favourite blog props to use. Nothing beats photographing a nice bunch of fresh flowers but for a longer lasting option I have a variety of artificial flowers in my stash. You can also pick these up on eBay for not a lot of money. I’ve ordered quite a few bunches of artificial roses from China and even though they take a couple of weeks to arrive, they cost 99p with free postage – I mean can you really go wrong?! I used to buy bunches of them and I recently cut the flower heads off so that I can sprinkle them over my flat lays but you can actually pick them up already cut. I got a pack of 50 artificial rose heads for just £2.30 from this eBay seller here which came from China but I received them within a week so I was very happy! My other new favourite thing to sprinkle on my flat lays is rose petals, I got a pack of 100 artificial ones for 99p here.

Beauty Products
For an option that you probably already have, you can use your own beauty products as props. A few favourites of mine include my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (can’t beat that rose gold packaging can you?!) and things like pretty highlighters, nail polishes and eyelash curlers. I mean you can use anything really but products with pretty packaging always look fab. Rose gold makeup brushes (or just any makeup brushes) add a nice touch too and eyeshadow palettes are another good one!

I think stationary is quite popular when it comes to blog props, I see a lot of bloggers using various stationary bits in their photos. I don’t have an awful lot of stationary props but I do use things like notebooks and copper paperclips and things sometimes. You can pick up a set of three jars of copper paperclips and drawing pins in home bargains (or you could, don’t know if they still sell them?) and they make lovely little things to add to a photo, the jars are cute too.

Any cute little home bits you buy double up as blog props too. If you’ve never used a candle in any of your blog photos are you even a blogger? I recently bought the cutest little trinket dish from Anthropologie that is one of my new favourite props, it’s so adorable! There’s loads of other cute bits on there too, I picked up some little candles and a votive glass that make nice props too. You can find these kinds of things everywhere though, B&M and TK Maxx are good places to pick up really cheap homey bits you can use!

Other bits

I also love using pretty rings as props and I usually use a couple of the rose gold ones that I sell on my Etsy shop as they’re super cute. And for any other ideas you can just use anything you find lying around your room. Perfumes, magazines, books, plants – even your clothes or your laptop! When I was photographing some festive flat lays at Christmas, I even used gifts that were wrapped for people as props (lol) but my point is that you don’t have to specifically go out and buy things, there’s so many things you can use that you’ll already have.

So hopefully this helped some of you out or gave you a bit of photography inspo maybe? I’m trying to keep posting these kinds of blog posts as you guys seem to love them and find them useful so if you have any requests please let me know 🙂