Drugstore Beauty Buys.

Here are a few of my favourite drugstore beauty finds…

Drugstore brands are really upping their game these days and there’s so many products out there that are just as good as high end ones. I’ve selected a few of my favourite picks that I think are such good value for money and I thought that I would share them!

Essence Grammy Goes Glammy.

This is an eyeshadow that works as the prettiest highlight, it’s easily the best drugstore highlight in my collection. It also has an unbeatable price – I mean one pound?! It’s so so pigmented too, you just cannot beat it. They sell this in Wilko’s and I highly recommend you pick one up, it will be the best pound you’ve ever spent!
This brow pomade has quickly replaced my NYX Tame & Frame as my go-to drugstore brow product. If you remember, not long ago I posted a review raving about how good the NYX one was but I then picked up the Freedom one in Superdrug and I’ve been using it ever since. The Freedom one doesn’t come in much cheaper, it’s only 50p less but it’s still only at the £5 mark and I personally think it’s loads better! My NYX one started to dry up a little after a few uses but the Freedom one has lasted a lot better.
I picked this up recently when making an ASOS order, having no idea what it would be like. I’d read no reviews or anything, but oh my, it is absolutely fantastic. I mean seriously, I’ve been meaning to get the Benefit Gimme Brow for ages now but after using this I have no intention of getting it anymore. It’s literally the best brow gel I’ve ever used and it transforms my sparse grey-toned brows into lovely dark full ones. I could actually go out without filling them in they look that good after using it. Also if you look at the picture for this post, you can see that even the applicator is a teeny brush just like Benefit’s Gimme Brow which is even more perfect! This is definitely a new staple in my beauty stash.

Freedom Bronze Baked Palette.

I picked this palette up the other day after having a quick browse in Superdrug whilst killing some time and I fell in love with it. Every shade is so pigmented and there’s a variety of highlights, bronzers & even a contour shade. I also love that this palette can also be used as an eyeshadow palette as it has such pretty bronze shades in that would look so gorgeous on the eyes! It’s an absolute steal for the price and it’s such good quality.
This had to make an appearance in this blog post basically because it’s been my holy grail drugstore foundation for as long as I can remember. When I had oily skin it worked for me, now that I have dry skin it still works for me, it just never fails me. It’s definitely a staple in my collection and it’s always my everyday go-to so that all of my £30+ high end foundations last me a lot longer!
Rimmel are my go-to drugstore brand for mascaras anyway but I absolutely love the Wonder’Full mascara, it’s the bomb. I’ve been using it for ages now and even though I have about a million different mascaras, I always reach for this one to finish off my lashes. It’s really volumizing, separating and lengthening. Everything I could want in a mascara for my short stubby lashes!

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish in Boho Nude & Sleek Blush in Rose Gold.

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick: Boho Nude* | £6.49
I absolutely love this lipstick from Rimmel, I love the Rimmel Kate range anyway but after receiving this shade, it’s now easily my fave. It’s just the most perfect nude to pop on if I don’t know what lipstick to go for or I don’t want to make much of an effort.

A dupe for NARS orgasm, this sleek blush is definitely worth a buy. I used it every single day until I got my NARS blush in Unlawful as it’s just the prettiest. I usually go for peachy blushes but I absolutely love this one, it’s such a beautiful shade.

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette* | £6.99
You can’t beat this palette for an all in one, it’s the perfect palette for travelling with too. I love all of the shades in this as they’re so perfect for everyday wear and it’s the ideal palette for grabbing on a rushed morning!

What are your top drugstore beauty picks?

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