Five Blogs to Follow.

Five blogs that you need to be following this year…

I read a lot of blogs that I love (or I try to when Reuben isn’t taking up 98% of my time) and last year there were a few that I was particularly loving the most. I also love to just chill out with a cuppa and browse through my favourite social media platform that’s known as Instagram and these bloggers absolutely kill it on there too. If you aren’t following these girls already then I highly recommend that you do it now, because I’m so excited to see what they’re going to bring to the blogosphere this year!

Sally | themakeupdirectory
Sally was one of my favourite beauty bloggers during 2016 and continues to be this year, she creates the most beautiful posts and always makes me want to splurge on beauty products. She also has such gorgeous original photography, you can immediately tell it’s hers from a mile off. I love the way she uses different patterned and coloured paper for her backgrounds, it’s really unique. Her photos are so bright and full of colour and they really stand out, her Instagram feed is one of my all time faves because of this. If you want inspo for your beauty wish list then Sally’s blog is where to go for it!

Jodie | jodiemelissa
Me & Jodie have been following each others blogs for well over a year now. A few weeks back something came up on my Time Hop from a year ago where she had mentioned me in a #ff on twitter – I didn’t realise we had been following each other for so long! I’ve only really started interacting with her over the last few months but I feel like we have both come such a long way since and I have loved seeing her photography really develop into something beautiful. I think we both have similar tastes when it comes to busy flat lays and I love that. One of my favourite things about her blog is her swatches, that girl kills it – I can never get mine to look that good! She also has a gorgeous Instagram feed so make sure you follow her on there too.

Laura | mylauralife
Laura is one of my newest Instagram discoveries and I am absolutely in love with both her blog & Instagram. She takes such beautiful photographs and her flat lays are the bomb. Not only that but she also does makeup looks on her blog like me! (hers are way better than mine, she always looks gorgeous). She deserves so many more followers on bloglovin’ as her blog is absolutely lovely so please go and give this girl a follow now, you won’t regret it I promise!

Cindy | cindyhyue
I’ve followed Cindy’s blog for a while now and I love how clean and fresh her photos are. What I’ve noticed about the theme of her photos is that they’re not full of colour, they’re almost pastel toned which I think is so lovely & unique. I’m obsessed with her Instagram photos and her gorgeous feed. There’s something about Cindy’s photography style that I’m just in love with, she manages to make her snaps look busy yet still clean and effortless. Her blog posts are also always full of detail and that’s one thing I love when I want to know if I should splurge on a product. She’s definitely one of my favourite blogs to read on a weekly basis and I highly recommend checking her out 🙂

Kate | katelavie
And finally, Kate. Most beauty bloggers will already be following Kate as she is quite well known in the blogging world, but I had to mention her anyway as her Instagram is my actual goal in life. I would do anything to have a feed that looks like hers, it doesn’t matter what kind of photo she takes, it always fits and looks good! I don’t know how this girl does it but she knows her shit. If you go on Kate’s blog and scroll down, she has a button that says “all the way back” and you can see her posts from ages and ages ago where her photos look totally different to how they look these days. She has come an awful long way and it just shows that even successful bloggers like her started out like the rest of us, and I find that really inspiring and motivating. Also her home is an absolute bloggers dream, having a house that looks like hers is another one of my goals in life.

There are so many more that I love but I’ll save those for another post. For now here’s five that I think you should be following if you aren’t already. And even if you are, this post was surely just mega photography inspo right?!