January Makeup Menu.

Here are the go-to beauty products that I’ve been loving this month…

If you read my 2016 beauty favourites then you’ll probably recognise a lot of the products here so I’m sorry for being repetitive! These have just been part of my go-to makeup this month and I love how they all pair perfectly together.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation | £32.00
This has been my staple foundation since buying it, I love NARS foundations anyway as they have the best colour match for my skin tone. The luminous weightless foundation has been so ideal for how dry my skin has been lately because it’s really liquidy and light, there’s no cakeyness whatsoever. Some may not like how runny it is, but honestly you get 30ml in the bottle and a little goes such a long way that this is guaranteed to last you ages. I highly recommend this if you have dryness and like a lightweight base. I find it to look mostly matte with a little bit of dewiness but that’s just how I like my foundations to look so it’s perf! Also I have this in the lightest shade, Siberia.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22.50
The NARS creamy concealer in the shade ‘Chantilly’ is the most perfffffect concealer for brightening up the eye area. This is always going to be a go-to and a staple in my makeup collection because it’s just fab. I’ve had quite a dry under-eye area lately too so with how creamy and easy this is to apply, it’s been ideal.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer | £25.00
I used to use this bronzer all of the time, it was my go-to for bronzing as well as contouring. I sorta neglected it for a while but a couple of weeks ago I decided to dig it back out and start using it again. I love how warm toned it is and I just feel like it gives a nice warmth to my skin which makes me look & feel better in this dull, cold winter weather. It’s the perfect bronzer for the summer months but I feel like it also works all year round. I’ve had this for ages and ages and still not hit the pan so it’s definitely a great one to add to your collection.

NARS Blush: Unlawful | £23.00
I am head over heels in love with this blush. It’s quite sheer after one application which is perfect for me as I don’t like loads and loads of blush on my face. But it’s also really buildable so that if I feel like I need a bit more colour I can pat a bit more on to get it and it never goes cakey. Another thing that I love about it is that it’s such a natural looking shade but also has some subtle shimmer within it so that it also gives a lovely healthy glow to the cheeks. It’s the only NARS blush I own but because I love it so much, I’m dying to get more!

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish: Soft & Gentle | £24.00
This is my current fave highlighter, I’m so obsessed with it. I love that just like with the NARS blush, it can be built up to add however much glow you want to yo’ face. Sometimes I feel like I need to go subtle so I just apply a lil bit and other times I’m like what the hell, I wanna turn myself into a glow stick. It’s so pretty and very natural looking too, just in the sense that it’s very warm toned and it’s not silvery like some highlighters. I just love it.

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette: Fair/Light | £28.00
So I reviewed this palette a while back and said that I wasn’t overly keen on the shades as some of the darker palettes are more up my street. Well lately I’ve been wanting quite a simple neutral look for my eyes and I decided to reach for this palette and I’m now using it almost everyday! If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you may have seen that I posted a lil selfie showing the eye makeup that I did with it. It has four matte eyeshadows and one shimmer, but the matte chocolate brown shade and the matte mauve shade in it are both lovely together or separate for in the crease or outer V. The one shimmer shade is just the most lovely peachy shade with a tad bit of copper shimmer and can be worn alone or combined with the two mattes I just mentioned to create really easy but gorgeous eye makeup. I’ve just been loving it and it’s become a go-to when I’m trying to quickly get my makeup done whilst my baba sleeps!

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick: Bitch Perfect | £23.00
I don’t reach for this CT lipstick very often but lately I’ve been wanting a really quick and easy lip colour to apply that’s quite natural looking but still gives me some colour. So having a little search through all my lipsticks, I remembered that I had this and it’s pretty much perfect for what I want. I love the CT lipsticks anyway but it’s just such a pretty nude to wear and it’s so effortless to apply, you can’t go wrong.

Mac Lip Pencil: Spice | £13.00
I rarely use lip pencils anymore as I never feel the need to line my lips unless I’m wearing a dark lipstick that bleeds. But the other day I wanted to wear Bitch Perfect and for it to last a bit longer (because it’s a cremesheen finish so it doesn’t tend to last too long) so I thought I’d dig around my lip pencils and just grab anything to put underneath it. I picked out Mac Spice because it used to be my absolute fave and it’s quite a dark nude so I figured it would look nice underneath. I’m now absolutely obsessed with how this combo looks and I’ve started wearing it everyday!

Essie: Master Plan | £7.99
Essie are my all time fave nail polishes just because I love the applicator and I find that they’re the longest lasting nail polish I’ve tried. Not to mention their amazing colour range. I popped into boots when I was out shopping and felt like picking up a new shade and I saw this one called Master Plan that’s just the most gorgeous shade of grey. It’s not a cool toned grey, it’s quite a warm toned one which is why I like it so much. I’ve been wearing it constantly so I think this one will probably be a repurchase!

I’m currently saving to move house so new makeup is off the cards right now but hopefully I can mix up my makeup collection enough to do another one of these next month 🙂

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