New Skincare Bits.

Some new skincare goodies I’ve been trying out lately…

I’ve been using trying out a few new skincare bits lately (and bath products or do they come under skincare?) so I thought that I would post a quick review of the things I’ve been using. I’m planning on posting an updated skincare routine soon too but I’m quite busy at the moment so just to keep my content going, I thought this would be a nice little post to do.

Original Source Moisturising Shower Milk* | £2.30
I don’t tend to buy pricey bath products as I’m quite easy going when it comes to them. I love a good bath bomb or bubble bar as a treat but generally I just pick up a nice looking/smelling bubble bath when I’m in town or at a supermarket. As long as I can pour it under a running tap and it gives me loadsa bubbles I ain’t fussy! So Original Source got in touch and asked me if I’d like to be sent a few products and as they’re a pretty affordable brand, I thought yeah why not. These seem to be going for all different prices across the web but they’re all under the £2.50 mark which is really good. The scents I received are the sweet apple & vanilla milk, cherry & almond milk, green banana & bamboo milk and the lime & coconut milk. I have to say, they’re all so sweet smelling and if you read my blog regularly you’ll be aware that I’m all about those sweet scents! I think the strongest scent is the green banana & bamboo milk, it literally smells like a bag of sweets. If you don’t like sweet scents then you’ll probably hate it as it’s realllllllly strong. My favourite out of the four has to be the lime & coconut milk, I love the smell of coconut but it’s also got a hit of lime to it – it’s beaut. The cherry & almond milk comes as a close second because it actually just smells like cherry bakewells, gorg. All four are so fruity smelling, leaving me with a delicious scent that lingers all day. Of course I’m using these as a bubble bath substitute but they work wonderfully and are lovely & moisturising! Highly recommend for a vvvvvvvv affordable goodie to put on the side of your bath.

Gallinée La Culture Body Milk* | £28.00
This body milk has been a lovely product to use lately to give me gorgeous supple soft skin. It has a very very light floral scent to it as it’s full of natural ingredients, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin. I suffer with eczema and get such dry skin, especially after using lush products in my baths (doesn’t stop me lol) so applying something like this afterwards is ideal. I don’t tend to use heavy body moisturisers but something very natural and light like this one is so perfect for my delicate skin and it’s now a staple in my winter skincare routine! It’s totally worth the price tag too as you get 200ml and a little goes such a long way.

Time Bomb Cleanse + Buff* | £16.00
I’ve been loving using this cleanser since receiving it as I had actually ran out of my usual cleanser, and I don’t really tend to stick to a specific product so I like trying new ones out. Anyway this one is really nice to apply and works to buff off the top layer of your skin getting rid of all of the dead surface cells that basically make your face look & feel rough. I’ve noticed quite a difference since using it and because I’ve been suffering with quite dry skin lately, this is helping to smooth it down before applying my moisturiser on a night. I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my skin since using it and it doesn’t dry out my skin either which is fab.

Time Bomb Sparkling Facial Mask* | £39.00
So to cut a few corners, I’m not a fan of this facial mask at all. For £39 it’s something that I’ll never consider buying as I have given it a couple of uses and it’s just made my skin feel so so dry afterwards. If you have really oily skin (I used to) then this might work for you but for me with my skin being quite dry lately, especially in winter, this is just for me at all. It’s basically a face mask that foams up, gives the skin a deep cleanse, brightens & evens the skin tone and delivers a blast of moisture – well it really didn’t for me. If you have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this one, however if you don’t and you’re willing to risk spending this sort of money on it then by all means go ahead, maybe it will work for you!

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail* | £24.50
This product is something unlike anything I’ve ever used before on my skin. It’s basically like a clear fluid, almost like a really watery gel that you apply to your skin to detoxify and refresh your skin. It says because our skin is under constant stress from environmental factors, making it susceptible to break outs, clogged pores and dry patches that this product is designed to create a clear, smooth and renewed complexion. I find that it has a little bit of a lime scent to it this one which I quite like, and it’s really nice and refreshing to apply. It can be used both morning and evening and I like to apply it on a morning just because it really makes my face feel so refreshed, like it’s the perfect pick me up on a dreary morning when I’m feeling so tired. It settles into the skin pretty fast so that I can then apply my moisturiser and get on with my usual routine which I think is great. I haven’t had any breakouts for months but yesterday & today I’ve had a couple (boo!) so I’ll have to see if this helps clear them up and get back to you!

So those are the few bits that are new to my collection, some good, some not so good. I included a couple of Soap & Glory body butters in the picture but I mean I don’t have a lot to say about those apart from they smell gorgeous & most of you will have already used them so that’s that. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products out 🙂

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