Reuben Oliver: 3 Month Update.

Reuben’s hit three months, crazy I know!

Yet another month has passed and I’m back to write another update on my sweet baby boy. Will I ever get used to him growing up? The past month hasn’t been too fun for either of us, I know it was Christmas but we’ve both been so poorly. The week before Christmas was spent at the doctors full of worry plus we spent two nights in A&E and he almost got admitted to the children’s ward. He caught a cold from my sister which quickly turned into bronchiolitis and I wouldn’t wish it upon any baby – he was really really struggling to breathe, he had a temperature that went up to 39 & he really wasn’t himself at all. He was constantly retching because he doesn’t yet understand how to cough up all the crap that gets stuck in your throat when you’re ill, so he was throwing it all up instead. The paediatrician at the hospital was so lovely whilst we were there and she sent us home because she thought that I was capable of looking after him myself rather than us both being stuck on a Children’s ward. It really was horrible but I’m so glad he’s better now.

He had a lovely first Christmas and showed quite a bit of interest in his presents, he loves all of his new toys! I bought him things that make sounds and light up because he’s still obsessed with lights (of course) so I thought that those would the best kind of entertainment for him. Now that he’s getting bigger he’s showing more interest in toys and things which is much more fun for me when shopping for him. I can’t wait to buy him things like a little toy kitchen haha! Also these dungarees are my fave things to put him in if you haven’t noticed. I need more pairs, aren’t they just the cutest thing on little boys?!

So since the last update, his mobile isn’t the only thing that entertains him anymore, he’s now really into his bouncer and watching the toys on it. I was wondering if it was a waste of money for the first few weeks as he couldn’t sit in it properly and wasn’t showing much interest in the toys but now he absolutely loves it! I can see him trying to grab the little things on it too and he quite often throws his arms about and hits the toys so that they swing about and that pretty much keeps him entertained for a bit. He’s also started to grab things, he hasn’t quite got the hang of ‘holding’ things yet but he keeps grasping his dummy clip in his hand and holding it tight for ages. I don’t think it will be long to be honest, with a little bit of help he can hold his rattle in his hand (until he lets go and it falls on the floor). I also keep catching him trying to put his own dummy in his mouth, he grabs the clipper instead of the actual dummy but he puts on this little frustrated face as he tries to put it in his mouth. It’s so so cute, bless him for trying so hard!

He’s a lot more active which seems to be the case as each month passes, but his new thing is twisting his body round and burying his face into whatever he’s lying on. So now I can no longer leave him lying on my bed or anything because I’m too worried he’ll get himself into a bit of a state and won’t be able to get out of it to breathe for air. I just pop him in his bouncer instead because he can’t really wriggle about in that yet! He’s very very fidgety and if he’s having a bit of a tantrum because he’s tired or wants his bottle he straightens his body so that you can’t hold him properly. I’m telling you this kid is gonna be a handful when he starts being able to get about!

The other thing that he does lots more of now is babble, he’s getting very very chatty and makes a lot of noise. I don’t think there’s anything cuter than hearing his little voice actually so I love that I get to hear it loads more now. He dribbles constantly now too, I think he’s teething so that’s probably why but he loves to blow bubbles and things which I guess some people might find gross but I personally think it’s adorable. I guess it’s because he’s my baby but when he dribbles on me it doesn’t bother me in the slightest! He’s also reaaaaaally smiley now, when he’s in a happy mood it’s just the best. I just look at him and his face lights up with the biggest smile, I love that I make him so happy.

I weighed him a couple of weeks ago I think it was, and he weighed an entire stone! So he’s roughly about 14 pounds now, maybe more if he’s gained some since. He’s certainly a little chunk. He’s getting more and more hungry all of the time and I’ve been debating whether I should start weaning him soon. A lot of people say it’s too early and can cause digestive problems and things but then loads of others say their babies turned out fine etc. So I’m not sure what to do yet, the majority say to leave it until as close to 6 months as possible so I think that’s what I’ll try and do just to rule out any possible risks. I just feel like milk isn’t filling him up enough and I want to try and give him something a bit more substantial like baby porridge, but I’ll probably leave it for another few weeks and see how he gets on.

He’s now got his first two bottom teeth poking through which I think is the cause of all the dribbling, but how cute?! I can’t wait for them to come up. I know it will start causing him pain and discomfort (I haven’t noticed that it is yet) but when babies have their first two teeth, it’s just the cuuuuuutest thing. I think it’s clear that he is teething because he didn’t have any teeth poking through before so I need to start giving him his teethers. I stopped using them because he didn’t know what to do with them, he was sort of sucking on them rather than clamping down but I’ll maybe try again.

He also has even more hair now! I love that his hair is growing so much, I can’t wait for him to have a full head of hair. I wonder if he’ll stay fair haired or go dark – it’s exciting!

As always you can see more pictures & short vids of him on my Snapchat or Instagram Stories, my username for both is gemellisx 🙂