Lash Extensions: My Experience.

Eyelash Extensions Experience and Review

I recently went and got some lash extensions so I thought that I would share my experience and my thoughts on them…

I’ve been wanting eyelash extensions for absolutely ages. I usually mention this when I’m reviewing products like mascaras, but I have the shortest stubbiest lashes ever and they’re something I absolutely hate about myself. So sick of feeling like a man, I realised that I’d literally moved round the corner from a beauty salon (a few actually) and decided to finally treat myself to some lash extensions. I shopped around first, finding the best price and they mainly ranged from £40-£55 so I opted for the £40 one as it was the closest and cheapest. I had no idea what I was getting myself into really, I just knew that I’d seen pictures of other peoples and that they looked really good. So, walking into the unexpected, I just booked myself an appointment and went for it.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to wear makeup to the appointment so I went really minimal with just some concealer and brow gel. It’s a good job really as she put some gel pad things under my eyes and they were quite large. Anyway, I was taken into a room in the back of the salon (a really warm room with a fire blasting!) and made myself comfortable on the bed. It was a bit like a massage kinda room, I mean with the lack of sleep I’ve been having, I could seriously have fallen asleep. Laid on a bed in a roasting room with my eyes closed for half an hour?! Talk about relaxation. It really was relaxing too, I couldn’t even feel the lash application. The lady who did my lashes was lovely too and chatted to me throughout (so I couldn’t sleep to my disappointment lol, no I’m joking.) It says on the leaflets and things that lash extensions take 60-90 minutes but mine were done within 30 minutes so I was very happy with how quick it was! I told her that I didn’t want lashes that were too dramatic as I have hooded eyes, I just wanted something that looks natural and gives me some length and volume. What she did to mine couldn’t have been more perfect, I was so so happy when I saw them for the first time. She let me have a peek to see if I wanted any more adding or any more volume, but I said I was happy with them for now and could always go back if I decide I want a bit more volume.

She said they usually last her clients 5-6 weeks with regular infills every 3 (ish) weeks which will only cost £10-£15 so I think that’s reaalllllly good. Definitely a lot more affordable than I expected it to be. Everyone is different too, everyone’s lash cycle is different and you also have to take into consideration how well you look after them. The number one thing that everyone says is to stay away from oily products as they weaken the lash glue, so the first thing I did was go and buy an oil free eye makeup remover. I don’t think I’ll be applying mascara anymore, I don’t feel the need to anyway as they’re very black but I’m too scared that they will trash them! I really want to make them last as long as I can. They have given me such a confidence boost, it’s crazy what a little change in your appearance can do! I’ve started to love minimal makeup because of them and I’m quite happy with wearing a little bit of concealer, brow gel and blusher and that’s it. I’m a completely changed girl. I’ll keep you all updated with how well they last on me but we’re through week one and so far, so good.

At first I was terrified to even touch them but they’re stronger than you think. I wasn’t cleaning them very well at first just because I didn’t want to tug on them too hard and risk breaking one or causing one or more to fall out, but now I’ve just sort of gone for it and they haven’t budged one bit. It’s advised that you use an oil free cleanser as oil can weaken the glue and stop them lasting as long, so I went to boots and picked up the Simple Eye Makeup Remover that’s oil free. I just use this on a cotton pad to cleanse any eye makeup off and do my usual routine for the rest of my face, being careful to avoid the eye area.

Now that I’ve had them in for a week, I can see the pros and cons without being blinded by my “love at first sight” so I’ll explain them for anyone thinking about making the commitment.

– not needing to wear any mascara on your top lashes.
– being able to go completely makeup free with something that leaves your eyes looking a little more alive and like you’ve made a bit of an effort.
– permanent long, curled lashes (huge plus for us gals that struggle to lengthen ours.)

– not being able to scrub your face when cleansing (the eye area anyway.)
– not being able to rub your eyes.
– eyeshadow is a lot harder to apply and I daren’t even try applying eyeliner.
– having to avoid all oily products or having to be extremely careful not to let them touch the eye area.
– eyelashes are a lot harder to clean (annoying when eyeshadow falls on them etc.)
– being careful to not let anything in general touch my eye or rub against it (when getting dressed, sleeping on a pillow, things like that.)

So as you can see, there are quite a few cons but it depends on whether or not the pros outweigh them for you. At first I was adamant that I’d never go back to life without lash extensions but I do miss being able to wash my face thoroughly & quickly without having to add an extra 10 minutes to clean it carefully… So I think I’ll give them a few more weeks, maybe get some infills and see how I feel then. I do absolutely love them and the confidence boost they’ve given me is quite something so I don’t know if I can say goodbye to them anytime soon but we’ll see how we go!

Let me know if any of you guys have experienced lash extensions or have considered them 🙂