Life Lately.

We’re only in February and my life has already dramatically changed this year, here’s what’s been going on…

So I’ve posted about this on all of my social media except my blog, but on Friday me and my sister got the keys to our very first home! I think I mentioned already that I was moving out finally, but now I actually have. I’m so happy with our first little home and Reuben has settled in well, he now has his very own room! There’s still so much to do but everything is coming along nicely and our home is really starting to look and feel like a home. We’ve had to borrow quite a lot from our parents to get up and running but I’ve also been hitting my card with cute home purchases for our kitchen and things so my bank balance is certainly feeling the toll. I think I may have to stop soon in order to start saving up again but so far everything I’ve been buying looks so cute. I’ve been posting a few snaps on Snapchat & Instagram stories if you’ve seen!

Once the rooms come together a bit more, I’ll start blogging some home updates and room tours. Prior to deciding to get my own house, I actually ordered a couple of sets of the alex drawers from Ikea and a new desk, so that’s a new addition to my room that I had already ordered! We still have so much to buy, especially for our living room. The kitchen is almost complete, we have a washing machine already on the way and need a dining table but it’s not on our list of priorities. The only things that need doing to the kitchen really are adding bits of decor but it’s not essential, just something I want to work on to make it look nicer. Our living room is very very bare, we have a TV and a rocking chair in there and that’s it. I’ve found a sofa that I love (my sister isn’t as keen as me but is letting me have it anyway) so we just need to arrange to get that delivered which hopefully won’t take too long as it’s a bit of a nightmare only having one seat in there. I also really want a marble coffee table in there but they are really expensive so I’m trying to find a cute little table that I can put some sticky vinyl with a marble print on. I know it’s not the same but at least it will look good!

Anyway, there’s so many home related things you can do if you’re on a budget so if I think of or come across any good ones, I’ll make sure I blog about ’em for you guys! I think that’s all I have to say for now really. I just wanted to blog something just because it’s been a while since I have and I felt like I needed to say why. Moving is so so stressful and takes up so much of your time, not to mention that I also have a certain baby Reuben keeping me up practically every night so add sleep deprivation to the list! I’m supposed to be bringing in more freelance work now that I have more bills to pay but it’s not looking very likely at the moment with this one being such a terror. When he’s awake he spends the majority of the day screaming and he won’t sleep very well unless he’s lying on me. Safe to say it’s almost impossible to get anything done with a baby attached to me 24/7.

Here’s a few things on my lust list also…

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Let me know if you know of any good DIY home posts as I would love to check them out 🙂