Reuben Oliver: 4 Month Update.

Reuben’s four months old this week! Grab a cuppa, it’s a long one…
Reuben is now a whole 16 weeks old and this month has been a hectic one in terms of his development. He’s started doing so much more, you won’t believe how much has changed since his last update four weeks ago! We’ve also been sent a couple of beautiful gifts that I can’t wait to show you all – they are so cute!

New Things:In his last update I mentioned that he had started to grab things but hadn’t quite got the hang of it yet, well he certainly has now! He grabs anything and everything he can get his little mitts on, he even likes to try and hold his own bottle when I’m feeding him. It was super cute when it first started and my mum told me that feeling would be short lived as he’d soon be into everything… I still think it’s really cute (practically everything he does is) but sometimes it’s more of a “Reuben stopppp!” There are times when I’m changing him and he’s grabbing his nappy, his wipes… he likes to pull his bib up over his entire face and his new trick is pushing his bottle out of his mouth and then crying for me to put it back in! He can actually hold a rattle now and I’ll often nip out of the room for a couple of minutes, come back in and he’s picked up toys by himself and he’s playing with them – how cute?! He’s got a little teether that plays music and it’s his new fave thing, although instead of biting on it he likes to lick it. Who knew plastic tasted that good eh?

A couple of days ago he also started grabbing his feet for the first time, now that really is so adorable, I’ve been waiting for him to start doing that for ages. He does it all of the time now, it’s actually quite helpful when he does it as I’m changing him because I don’t have to hold his legs up haha! I also mentioned last time that he was very chatty and he’s got even more talkative since then, he babbles all day long. He’s started squealing when he’s happy or excited, but also when he’s sad. He’s honestly so loud, the entire house can hear him! If you watch my Snapchat regularly, you’ll probably know what I’m on about because I’m always trying to capture him when he’s babbling away, it’s my fave thing.

He now gives me little kisses too, I’ll put my cheek next to his face and he gives it a tiny little lick. It’s definitely a kiss right?! He gets so many kisses off his mama that whenever I’m going in for a smooch he starts giggling because he knows! I can’t help it, those chubby cheeks are so squishy that I just wanna kiss ’em all day.

Something else that has occurred in the last month is that my little Reuben bear is a huuuuuuge water baby. Bath time is his favourite time of the day, he absolutely loves it. This is another thing you’ll have seen on my Snapchat story a few times if you follow me on there, I’m always filming him (don’t worry, I hide his bits & pieces) just because it is so so cute how happy water makes him. He kicks his legs and waves his arms about splashing like there’s no tomorrow. If he’s in a bad mood, all I need to do is pop him in a bath because it will instantly put a massive smile on his face.

As I am writing this post, Reuben is next to me playing with his toys and he has just sat up on his own for the very first time!!!! He hasn’t even rolled over or anything yet, such a clever little boy! *proud mama moment right here* I guess he wanted more praise in his update so he decided to give me something else to write about haha?! (literally had just got to the end of this post and had to come back to add it in.) He sat up for a good couple of minutes too, I bet by his next update he’ll have it mastered!

Life Savers:Reuben is unfortunate enough to have both a mummy and a daddy who have a history of eczema. I’ve suffered with it ever since I was little and I still suffer with it now. I had to start bathing him every couple of days because the water (even with nothing in it!) was literally just drying his skin out so much. He was covered in dry scaly, red skin and nothing I used was clearing it up. Trust me I tried practically everything. The main place he suffers with it is on his cheeks of all places, those poor sweet chubby cheeks are constantly covered in a red scaly rash. It makes it hard to tell if he’s teething or not because at points I’ve thought it was just a really bad teething rash until it didn’t clear up. We’ve been at the doctors a few times but everything they’ve given me just doesn’t keep it at bay and a couple of the prescriptions just made it worse. They’re so so unhelpful because they won’t prescribe him anything without seeing it, but I’m not just going to leave him to get worse whilst we wait a few days for an appointment am I?! Anyway, I decided to post on a mummy & baby group on Facebook to see if anyone could recommend anything to help and so many people suggested Aveeno Baby, so I made a little Amazon order and got an essentials pack. In it is a baby bath & shampoo wash, a daily moisturising lotion and an eczema therapy cream. These three products have been absolute life savers, they’re the only thing I’ve used on him that have worked and kept his eczema at bay. He can now have a daily bath again because it doesn’t dry his skin out with this miracle bath stuff in, and I use the moisturising lotion on him straight afterwards to keep his skin nice & soft. I use the eczema therapy cream when he has a bad breakout which is usually on his cheeks but it does help. Over the past couple of days he’s had another breakout of eczema on his poor little cheeks and it hasn’t been helping much this time but I’ve used some hydrocortisone and I think we’re getting back to normal. It’s so annoying, of all the places he could suffer badly with eczema – why his face?! Hopefully it will clear up soon anyway, but we definitely couldn’t be without Aveeno Baby products.

Another life saver, of all things, has been the CBeebies programme ‘In the Night Garden.’ For the past few weeks Reuben has not been sleeping at all. We’d just got into a fab routine where he was having a bottle right before bed and sleeping for a good six or seven hours, until bam. The four month sleep regression started – aka my life over. I have been so exhausted due to the lack of sleep, but also having to deal with a very moody baby who is so tired and just refusing to sleep. I started to put my laptop in front of him with In the Night Garden on to see if it helped him to get to sleep, and it did! It’s been such a great help at getting him to nap or get him to sleep. Okay, he still hasn’t been sleeping great, but it’s better than nothing right? We seem to be slowly getting back to normal now though, I’m praying anyway, I love my sleep too much! He’s starting to sleep a bit longer than he has been anyway.

Weaning:Weaning is a very touchy subject amongst mummies. Well not all of us, just you know, the ones who like to think they’re the mummy police. Anyway, Reuben is a very very hungry baby and I’ve just known that he’s been ready to be weaned for a while but I’ve waited because I think the guidelines recommend you wait until 17 weeks minimum. I’ve only tried giving him tastes of things so far and I haven’t actually been giving him full meals or anything but as of today we are starting to wean properly. He’s only 6 days away from being 17 weeks which is what is advised so I’m sure it will be fine. I’m starting off by introducing him to different flavours and giving him a few spoonfuls a day, so nothing major. Yesterday he had an apple purée and he absolutely loved it! I know that with weaning it takes a lot of persevering until they get used to it but I had no problems whatsoever feeding him yesterday, there was practically nothing coming back out of his mouth, just a bit of dribble but that’s the norm. I’m glad that fruit is a winner because at least it’s something that’s good for him, just to get him to love vegetables now…

Lost My Name: Lost My Name have sent Reuben a couple of gifts that are too beautiful not to share, I’ve already shared previews of them on my Snapchat & Insta Stories so some of you may have already seen them. The first thing they sent us is their personalised story book The Little Boy Who Lost His Name* and it really is a gorgeous book. It’s a UK best seller and it’s a completely unique, personalised book based on the letters of your child’s name. It’s truly a gift to treasure forever.

You can personalise this book based on whether it’s for a little boy or a little girl and the story changes based on the letters of the child’s name, which makes every story unique. You can select a little character for the child too, so for Reuben I chose the light haired little boy. There are also different character options for each letter, so you can select a different one if you wish to. For Reuben’s name, the characters in his book are a Robot, Elephant, Unicorn, Bear, Elk and a Narwhal. The story is all about the little boy (or girl) going on a journey to find their name and meeting all of the characters along the way. And at the end of the story, it reveals what the child’s name is, so it’s a lovely surprise if the child hadn’t already guessed it!

He absolutely loves me reading it to him, and he gets fixated on each page because of all of the colours and illustrations. I think he’ll appreciate it a lot more as he gets older because he won’t understand yet that it’s a book dedicated to his own name but he still finds it so interesting!
They also sent us a very new release of theirs which are the Fantastic Firsts Milestone Cards* and I’m in love with them. I never bought Reuben any milestone cards when he was born because I’m quite fussy and couldn’t find any that I liked, but if these had been available when I was looking I would have bought them in a heartbeat.
They come in a pack of 30 and start with one for when your baby is first born, ending with one for their first birthday. It’s a shame that I can’t use the first few because of R being 4 months old now, but I’ve decided that I’m going to put them in his baby scrapbook because they’re too gorgeous to waste! If you’re not a baby mama, they make such a beautiful gift for someone who’s just had a baby too. Each card also has a section on the back where you can make notes, so they’re the perfect little keepsakes.
Lost My Name are doing a promo at the moment where you can get 20% off if you buy two or more gifts in a single order, so if you want to grab yourself these two goodies then now is your chance!


So I think that’s everything. Safe to say lots has gone on this month! Make sure you follow my Snapchat (gemellisx) if you want to see daily snaps of this little one, I post way too much.