Soaking Up Space.

Lush Astronomical Gift Set Review

We can never get enough of some good ol’ Lush goodies right?

For Valentines Day I received the Lush Astronomical Gift Set from Reuben (& his Dadda) and in it contains four gorrrrrrgeous colourful Lush goodies meant to give you an outer space experience. They definitely do, the bright colours are insane, I love. Three of the things are new to me too, I’ve had The Experimenter before but I was thrilled to have another one, it’s one of my faves. Here’s what you get…

Intergalactic | Bath Bomb
This is the first time I’ve ever used this bath bomb and I am absolutely hooked with it. My sister had it and I wasn’t a huge fan of the minty scent but I can get past that because this has got to be the prettiest bath bomb ever?! It gave my bath swirls of deep blues and pinks with flecks of gold glitter, if anything is going to give you an outer space experience, it has to be this. Once it had all dissolved, my bath water turned into a deep blue sea colour and there was glitter floating everywhere. So gorgeous.

Monsters & Aliens | Fun Bar
I’ve never had a fun bar from Lush before but I’ve been told you’re supposed to make things out of them. I probably would if Reuben was a bit older or I’d let him. Maybe I will anyway, he might find it entertaining. I like that this is a multi-functioning product that can be used as a soap, shampoo or bubble bath. How fab. I love how colourful it is too and it has a lovely sweet scent, I can’t wait to use it for the first time!

The Comforter | Shower Cream
The Comforter bubble bar is probably my all time favourite product from Lush so I was over the moon to finally get to try the shower cream! I’ve been after it for ages so it was a lovely surprise. It doesn’t disappoint (I knew it wouldn’t) because it has that same gorgeous blackcurrant scent that the bubble bar does – ugh it’s just the best. I am obsessed with that scent and I just want to sniff this allllllll day. Not weird at all right? I’m going to be using this sparingly so that it lasts…

The Experimenter | Bath Bomb
If you want colour, The Experimenter is where to get it, this thing is full of it. It has a sweet scent but it’s not overly sweet, it’s more like a mature sweet scent. It gives you vivid trails of bright colours ranging from blues and pinks to yellows and greens, it really is so pretty to watch. You will however be left with a pretty disgustingly coloured bath afterwards so enjoy it whilst it lasts!

I highly recommend this gift set if you want some new lush goodies to try or if you’re looking for a fab gift for a friend because I assure you, any Lush fan would love it!