Styling A Home On A Budget.

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How I made my house feel like a home whilst being on a tight budget…

My home is by no means finished, in fact it’s nowhere near finished. I’ve only lived here under two months and furniture is expensive! However, considering I had nothing but a bed and a desk when I moved in, it’s coming together nicely. Everything I’ve bought is super affordable as I don’t have a big budget for homeware or furniture so I thought that I would put together a little post on how to style a home on a budget. It’s a lot easier than you think and you can really pick up some gorgeous things that are just as good as pieces from the likes of west elm, anthropologie etc! It’s not a pinterest-worthy home by any means (every girls dream right?) but I have managed to turn something that felt like a cold empty shell into something that now feels like home.

Greenery: The kitchen was my least favourite room when I moved in, it still is really but it’s not half as bad as it was. I’m renting so there’s not a lot you can do when you hate the kitchen tiles and the kitchen cupboards, I’m not exactly going to fork out for a brand new kitchen when I don’t own the house. However, once I started filling it with all my bits and bobs and adding greenery here and there, it started to become a lot nicer. Plants really make a kitchen come together and they also brighten it up, especially if you buy fresh flowers every other week like I do. I picked these roses up for a couple of pounds in Aldi and they really just add something to the room! I’ve been picking up bunches of flowers for no less than two pounds and they’ve been lasting me a good two weeks which I think is brilliant. Four pounds a month to keep my kitchen looking nice and colourful is nothing is it? They also come in handy as beautiful blog props! You could also use artificial greenery but for the kitchen I like to go with the real stuff.

Chopping Boards: Chopping boards have got to be my favourite addition to a kitchen, they’re just so pretty! The wooden textures just look absolutely lovely. I don’t actually use these chopping boards for their purpose as I don’t want to ruin them, they’re purely just there for the decor! My favourite one at the minute is this marble and wood one from Amara*, it’s so stunning. You’ve probably seen it being used as a blog prop quite a lot lately. You can pick these up so cheap too, the marble and wood one from Amara is only £35.50 which is such a fab price for what it is, they’re usually so much more expensive. My other wooden one is one I picked up in Homesense for about £8 which is also super affordable!

Mugs: I think mugs add something so lovely to a kitchen, not only are they practical, but if you buy cute ones they look so nice out on the tops. I picked these two large heart mugs up from Dunelm for £2.99 each and they look so cute! I also got matching espresso cups (for use as egg cups) that are also adorable.

Storage Jars: One of my favourite things about the kitchen is these clear storage jars (I don’t know what they’re actually called lol) that I use to store tea, coffee & sugar in. I just think they look really nice and the colours of the coffee and sugar really fit in well with the chopping boards. You could also store things like pasta and cereals in them which would also add a nice bit of colour to brighten the room up too.

Living Room

Sofa: I think for a nice living room, it’s essential to have a nice sofa. Now sofa’s can be so so pricey, but I picked mine up from Studio for such an affordable price and it’s so pinterest-worthy too! I am in love with it. If there’s one piece of furniture that’s my favourite in the house, it has to be the sofa. I also added some cute pink fluffy cushions from B&M which look so cute.

Armchair: Another nice addition to a living area is a cute armchair. I had my eye on one but then I kindly got given this rocking chair which is perfect for rocking Reuben to sleep in, so I’ve put this there instead. It’s not grey so it doesn’t match the sofa, but the cream colour goes with the rug and the walls so it all ties in together nicely. I put one of the pink cushions on this too.

Coffee Table: A cute coffee table is a must have IMO, I was desperate for a marble one but they are far too expensive for my budget, so I made a DIY one instead. I basically just bought a cheap white coffee table from Ikea and used this marble vinyl from Amazon and put it on the top before it was assembled together.

Shelving: Shelves add something so lovely to a room, not only can you re-style them constantly to add something fresh to the room, but they fill in empty space. I had my eye on this cube storage set from Argos for ages which was only about £35. They’ve ended up being used as a TV unit as well as shelving but I think it works nicely. I’m not super happy with how they’re decorated at the minute but they’re a work in progress!

Fragrance: I think it goes without saying that candles and room diffusers are a pretty addition to any room. My favourites at the minute are the Wickford & Co ones from Home Bargains. They are SO cheap and the scents are so powerful, I actually prefer them to Yankee candles and everything. Even though it’s Spring now, I still favour the gingerbread scent which they aren’t stocking anymore to my disappointment! My lil gingerbread candle burned out but I managed to pick up a gingerbread room diffuser that they still had in stock. I literally just sit in my living room and constantly get a huge whiff of gingerbread, it’s amazing!


Desk: I think a desk is a necessity for a bedroom, however the one I got from Ikea is far too large. I bought two sets of the Alex drawers with a separate desktop that turned out to be too long but it doesn’t really matter, it’s just huuuuuge. The only problem with it really is that there’s a lot of space to fill and I don’t really know how to fill it. As you can see, there’s lots of space unfilled and I need to figure out what to do with it, but for now it’s working okay.

Statement Lamp: There’s nothing more statement for a bedroom than a big gold lamp. I’m in love with mine, I picked it up from Homesense for about £24.99 which I think is such a good price! It is fairly large but I guess that’s a good thing with how big my desk is. I just want a gold mirror now to go with it.

Pretty Tray: This gold tray is one of my faves, it compliments the gold lamp so well. I use it as a perfume tray, however I never know how to style it. I think it always looks so messy but I’m just going with the flow for now. I’ve popped a little candle holder with some rose gold brushes in on it too, as well as a little pink candle. I think it looks quite cute and it definitely uses up some of the space well on my desk.

Florals: Again, flowers always brighten up a room. I picked this vase up from Home Bargains for around £2.99 and the faux roses and peony are from Homesense which were around £2 each. I actually bought them for use as blog props but they may as well make my room look pretty too right?

So there’s my home at the moment. There’s still a LOT more that I need and want to do to the place, but for now I think it looks pretty cute. What are your best tips for styling a home on a budget?

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