How To: Loose Beachy Waves.

Loose beachy waves ready for the summer…

Loose beachy waves are a great (almost) effortless hairstyle to create for the warmer months. I’d love to be able to just spritz something in my hair that would give me this look but my hair is the ultimate ball of frizz so I have to turn to hair tools. I was very kindly gifted the ghd Tropic Sky Platinum Styler which is limited edition and is the most beautiful pair of straighteners I’ve ever seen! They are so so pretty and are fab for straightening hair as well as curling it. The curved design of them makes it so easy to create waves with ease and it took me less than 10 minutes to get this look! Sometimes I go for a looser look and other times I go for a more defined look, it just depends on how my hair wants to play.This is my first pair of ghd’s and I absolutely love them. There’s no faffing about with temperatures with these as they maintain a heat of 180°c which is safer for your hair, perfect for me as I already have quite dry and damaged hair. They also come with a heat resistant bag which I so wish I’d had before, the amount of times I’ve sat in a hotel room waiting for my straighteners to cool down before I can pack them – so annoying! I never really have straight hair, apart from having to straighten the frizz out of it, I always go for a waved or curled look. These are ideal for that, the curved design allows me to quickly straighten out all of the frizz and then curl it all!

Side note: sorry there aren’t better photos for this post, it took me four attempts to do this and they still didn’t turn out how I imagined them to. I definitely think hair posts aren’t my thing… I think I may do a video using these sometime soon so you can get a better idea of how I use them!

Step One:
Before I start, I like to make sure my hair is protected to stop it getting damaged. I used the ghd Heat Protect Spray and just spritzed it a few times then combed it into my hair using my fingers to make sure it’s all covered.
Step Two:
I part my hair into two and start at the back taking a small section at a time. I take the straightener a couple of centimetres from the root, place the hair between them and then pull it downwards, twisting it at the same time. The trick to waves is to twist it in different directions for each piece, that way the curls don’t all clump together as one. So for the first section of hair, I will twist inwards, and then for the next section I will twist outwards; and so on. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes to get a more defined curl, but I do find my hair curls a lot better when it’s not freshly washed.


Step Three:
Once I have curled every section of my hair, I will use my fingers to brush through it gently which stops me from brushing the curls out completely, but just loosening them a bit more. I prefer this more relaxed loose look to really defined curls. Another way you can do it is to REALLY lightly comb a hairbrush over the tops of the hair, not fully brushing the entire thing.
Step Four:

I then hold it all in place with the ghd Final Fix Hairspray which keeps the waves from dropping out, as well as giving them some texture.

Step Five:

This step is optional, but you can also partly plait the top of your hair, grip it in and then leave the rest of your hair down with the loose wave style. This is a really cute look, especially for the summer and festival season. It also keeps your hair out of your face, so win win!

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What’s your go-to hairstyle?

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~ These products were gifted to me, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~