My Lash Transformation.

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How I got long, fluttery lashes within a week by just adding a simple step to my night-time routine….

To cut a long story short, my natural lashes are very short, stubby and have never held a curl. I’ve tried a million different mascaras, hundreds of different techniques, and nothing has ever worked on them. They are the one thing that I have always, always hated about myself and I’ve even been through the stage of going to the effort to apply false lashes on a daily basis (that was a while back.) Anyway, I eventually learnt to just live with it, but my hate for them was still there, and every time I saw selfies of girls with lovely long natural lashes, it just really got to me. My sisters are also blessed with gorgeously long lashes which doesn’t help, why do I have to be the one to get the short end of the stick?! Even Reuben has longer lashes than me, WHERE DOES HE GET THEM FROM?! Lol. Anyway, after longing for lash extensions for aaaaaages (you may have seen my post on my experience a few weeks back) I went and got them. It was love at first sight, I felt like a changed girl! They were supposed to last me 5-6 weeks and ended up lasting just under 2 weeks which just wasn’t good enough. For £40 I expected them to last longer than that, I never even got to the 3 week stage to go and get infills, there was nothing left! That’s when I finally turned to Revitalash, I’d read good reviews about it everywhere, I just didn’t know if I could part with that kind of money for something that may not work for me. 
I purchased my Revitalash serum from eBay as that was the cheapest place I could find it for the most millilitres. It still cost me a good sixty or so pounds but I got 3.5ml which costs around £100 elsewhere, so a pretty good saving eh? I was wary about it being the real stuff or not but I don’t think for that kind of money they would get away with selling fakes. Plus, (spoiler alert) it worked wonders on me so it must be the real deal!

How it works:

All you have to do is apply a thin layer of along your upper lash line before you go to bed, easy peasy. It also transfers to the bottom lashes when you blink so you don’t need to apply any more than one layer to the top lashes, winner. It conditions the lashes and helps the growth of both the top and bottom lashes. It dries down pretty quickly so you could apply it on a morning too but I prefer to just add it in to my night-time routine.

I did get a little bit of itchiness at first along my upper lash line but nothing too major and I soon got used to it, I don’t get any irritation at all now. I do have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses so whether it’s down to that I don’t know, but to be honest, the irritation was so minimal that I would put up with it all the time if it means I get to have lashes like these.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this lash serum has changed my life, like I actually have lashes now it’s insane. They’re fuller, longer and they just overall look amazing! There’s no more jealousy or feeling the need to wear false lashes, or fork out on lash treatments (apart from this serum ofc) like it’s just craaaaaaazy. I never thought in a million years it would work so well (or at all) on me, I thought my lashes were a lost cause. I never planned to even post a review of the serum on my blog which is why I never took any before and after pictures but I SO wish that I had because the results are incredible. I’m going to put a couple of iPhone quality selfies below so you can see how my lashes before were practically non-existent and how long they are now. Granted they’re not the best quality and I wish I had better quality close-ups to show you, but these will have to do.

For how little you have to apply, this tube is going to last me so many months which is fab. It might seem to be pricey to begin with but for how long it lasts it’s really not. It’s far far cheaper than getting lash extensions every few weeks! I honestly highly recommend this serum if you have short lashes like me and absolutely hate them, it will change your life.

If you want to try it for yourself, I got mine here.