Reuben Oliver: 6 Month Update.

Six months. SIX MONTHS.

I could sit here and cry, why is my baby growing up so fast?! It feels like only yesterday I was overdue and desperate for him to enter the world and now he is SIX MONTHS OLD. I’ve started spiking his hair because it makes him look really cheeky and cute. It also makes him look so much older! He’s got so much hair on the top of his head, then a massive (almost) bald patch at the back with more hair right at the back. I love it, it’s so cute! I hope he stays a strawberry blonde with blue eyes, super adorbs. (Obv I will think he’s gorgeous no matter what.) ANYWAY. Here’s his monthly update.
Ru now rolls absolutely everywhere, and constantly. I can’t get him off his tummy, he even sleeps on it now in his cot with his lil bum in the air and the lot. He hated sleeping on his front when he was a newborn, but now he does every single night. I’ve had to invest in a playpen for him because he just gets everywhere! He started rolling into the shelving unit that I use as a TV unit with all my pretty ornaments on and kicking all my candles and things, he was getting very boisterous!

He sorta crawls now, I mean he’s really getting there. I thought he’d already started but it’s more of a shuffle, he can definitely get places now. He gets where he wants to when he’s in the mood but he isn’t ‘officially’ crawling. When he’s on his front at bath time, he moves his knees forward trying to move to grab his bath toys so he deffs knows what to do!

Not Sitting Up:
He hasn’t mastered sitting up yet, as he still needs support. He can sit up for a few seconds at a time but other than that it’s a no-no. I mean, he will get there in his own time I’m sure, but he definitely tries his best to. I’ve just got him a Bumbo which is a little seat for him to sit in on the floor, which means he can now sit and play with his toys without having to be in a bouncer or his jumperoo.

Mama’s Boy:

Ru is definitely a mama’s boy, he cries whenever I leave the room, and he’s started touching my face constantly too. He is so sweet. At night when I put him down in his cot. he also now won’t settle to sleep unless I stand beside his cot and hold his hand until he’s asleep. SO SWEET. I love him.

He’s now on two puree’s a day rather than one, I try and give him a big bowl of apple porridge as soon as he wakes up on a morning which is by far his favourite meal of the day! He’s honestly obsessed with it, I don’t know what it is about it that he loves so much! I then try and give him some veggies and fruit puree for lunch or dinner. Dinner is preferred as if he gets messy, he can then have a bath straight after. He drinks 8oz bottles of milk the rest of the time, the lil chubster.

Bath Time:
Bath time is still his favourite time of the day by far. He’s still a huge water baby, he gets excited now even when I’m just placing him on the bathroom floor to get undressed. He know’s what’s coming! He now has a couple of bath toys that he always plays with (I’ve named them bob & rob) and they’re a little plastic duck and alligator which he loooooves. He lies on his front for the majority of his time in the bath now and plays with them, it’s super cute. 
I can’t think of anything else that’s new really, except that I learnt this month that he loves balloons! I have now ditched Snapchat so as always, if you want to see more of this little guy then you can follow me on Instagram and watch my stories 🙂