Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Fragrance.

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Father’s Day is coming up and it’s time to start thinking about that special gift you’re going to buy, here’s something you can’t go wrong with…

Whether your dad is the indoor type or the outdoor type, fragrance is always a foolproof gift that you can easily accommodate to his interests. You honestly cannot go wrong with a good ol’ spritz of the perfect scent, and today I have something that can help you find just that. I never ever ever know what to buy my dad for Father’s Day, or his birthday, or Christmas, or any special day. Is it just me that finds men so hard to buy for?! So the lovely people over at Fragrance Direct have come up with a fragrance finder quiz to help you find a fragrance for your dad that matches his tastes perfectly. I ended up getting the ideal fragrance for my dad as well as a couple of other nice picks so I’m definitely all set for my Father’s Day Gifts this year!


JOOP! Wow!
JOOP Wow is the fragrance that the quiz matched my dad too, he’s the outdoor type so the fresh & woody scent of this one is absolutely perfect for him. I love the packaging of this too, it’s so simple yet elegant and it’s ideal for placing on his dark wooden desk! I would actually quite happily buy this for myself just to spray around the house, it’s such a beautiful scent.

Hugo Boss Bottled Tonic
Guys can we just talk about how cute this packaging is? It’s like a tiny bottled drink, like I seriously dig it. If this was pink rather than blue, it would totally take centre stage in all my photos, cuuuuute. I’m not going to lie, I really did choose this based on the packaging alone, HOWEVER, you know those male perfumes that smell amazing? It’s one of those. It’s an incredibly masculine fragrance with notes of citrus, spices and woodyness – honestly like, any guy that wears this is going to smell incredible.

CK One
Another one I really liked the packaging of was CK One by Calvin Klein, but it also smells absolutely amazing. It has fruity top notes of pineapple, papaya, lemon & apple with floral middle notes and musky base notes. I mean how dreamy does that sound? It smells as perfect as it describes and I’m actually obsessed. I think this one is a unisex fragrance if I’m being honest as I would definitely wear this (I may have to steal it from my dad) on a daily basis. Have you seen how much you get in a bottle too?!

I really recommend taking this quiz if you’re like me and struggle to find the perfect gifts for dad when it comes to this time of year. Even if you already have your Father’s Day gift sorted, maybe it’s worth taking the quiz for ideas when it comes to his birthday or Christmas! If you would like to browse all the fragrances on offer and take the quiz for yourself, you can find it at Fragrance Direct here.


I really hope this is helpful to anyone who is still on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift, let me know if you took the quiz! 🙂


~ This post is in collaboration with Fragrance Direct, but as always, all opinions are my own! ~