Life Update.

A quick update on life at the moment…

Hey guys so today I’m just chatting about life really, I just feel like I’ve been so busy with everything that my blog is suffering, and I really want to keep my content going and not just avoid posting because of it all. I mean I have had a lot going on lately which is the main reason but I think everything that happened this week hasn’t helped. What happened in Manchester is just so so awful, it didn’t hit me at first, on Monday I was completely fine (obviously sad & in shock, I’m not heartless) but when it all started unravelling as the week went on, it genuinely got me feeling so down. My heart just goes out to everyone who was there, the victims and their families, so so heartbreaking. I’ve also had so much graphic design work lately so obviously I’ve been busy doing that and prioritising it over my blog as it’s my income, and I’ve had a teething baba who has turned into a tiny monkey that clings to my legs. It’s very cute but hard to get on with anything! Anyway, I’m trying to get my blog mojo back and get back into the swing of things so I thought that I would share a few things that are going on.

Saving for a holiday.

I’ve been thinking about planning a holiday for a while now, I’m dying to get some sun on me (well I was until we got some here!) and go somewhere new to explore. I’ve also fancied going to Italy for absolutely ages, it’s somewhere I really want to visit, so my sister & I have decided to start saving for a holiday. I really want to take Reuben on his first holiday too, so if we go after he turns one it’s ideal. Saving up for it does mean I’m on a severe spending ban so the only thing I’ve been able to justify buying is a few summery bits. It will be so worth it though, we’re looking at going to the Amalfi Coast in Italy and it’s absolutely beautiful, let me know if any of you guys have been! I think I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired due to not buying much new makeup which has contributed to the lack of good blog content but hopefully I can get past that. We’ve already got a few hundred secured towards the holiday so I really hope we save up enough to go as soon as possible!

Incorporating fashion into my YouTube channel.

Don’t hold me to this as I’m not sure it’s for me, but I really want to film a summer look book for my YT channel. I want to do a mummy & baby summer look book, I just think it will be so cute. I’ve already filmed a couple of outfits but one of them turned out really bad so I’ll probably end up uploading it in Winter or something knowing me! But yeah, I’ve never been big on ‘fashion’ when it comes to blogging and things, it’s just never really felt natural to me but hopefully I can start doing some look books and hauls on my channel. I also really want to make the effort to accessorise more, I have so much jewellery and never bother with any of it but I love how loads of accessories look on other people so I need to make more of an effort to wear my own!

I got wifi in my camera!

I regrettably bought a DSLR without built in wifi and I was desperate to have it so I can put photos straight onto my phone from my camera. I didn’t want to have to take my laptop away with me as it’s just bulky, heavy and unnecessary when you’re going abroad to explore, so I started looking into how I could maybe go and get it put in. I then stumbled across wifi enabled SD cards and found one that’s compatible with my camera and I was so happy. Most of them were around the £40 mark but I really browsed around and ended up finding one for £25. I immediately ordered it and now I can transfer pics straight from my camera to my phone, winning! It seems like something so small but it made me so happy haha, it’s just so much more convenient. Although, I do think my photos (flat lays in particular) look far better when they’re taken in RAW and edited in Photoshop rather than taken in JPGS and edited on my phone, so I’ll probably save it for photos of Ru & more lifestyle based snaps.

Enjoying the sun.

We’ve been so blessed with the weather lately, I’m usually more of an Autumn girl, but then it gets to Winter and I’m dying for some heat. I think I do love the heat, just in small amounts which makes England the perfect place to live really doesn’t it?! I’ve been getting out the house and trying to enjoy it with Reuben, taking him on walks into the countryside, exploring forests and having picnics. It’s been so much fun and I’ve snapped some super cute photos of him, we’ve had a fair few together too. You’ve probably seen a few of them on my insta if you follow me. Hopefully we have a lot more days like this during Summer because it’s lovely to go out with Reuben, enjoying the sun and doing things as a family!



What have you guys been up to, enjoying the warm weather I hope?!