Four Skincare Gems.

monu skin review skincare review

Four new skincare gems that I’ve been loving…

I used to have little to no skincare and now I have drawers full to the brim of skincare products. I try and mix up what I use every week but I actually find I have far too much choice so it’s difficult to decide what to use! I was asked if I would like to review some skincare goodies from MONU Skin and having previously tried a few samples from this brand (you may have seen me write about one not long ago) that I loved, I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t sure what I was being sent so when the parcel arrived, I was so excited! They sent it wrapped up so beautifully, simple but elegant, just how I like packaging to be. I was sent four of their products which have been the only four skincare products I’ve been using since they arrived. I’m absolutely loving this routine I’ve got going with them and I currently have completely spot free skin so win win! Each of these products is specifically for dry or sensitive skin which is perfect for me as I have both. They’re doing absolute wonders for my dryness and my skin is now all supple and summer ready. Keep reading for a breakdown of each of the products…

monu skin review skincare review

MONU Gentle Cleanser // £21.00

When it comes to removing my makeup, I’m not going to lie, I’m really lazy. I usually lather my face in either a soap or face wash in the bath/shower, rinse it off and then remove the rest with a wipe afterwards. It’s quick, easy and saves me a lot of time which is what I usually need as a mum! I don’t mind cleansers that involve washing off at the sink, I just find I never reach for them because it’s something I don’t particularly like doing. This is why, this cleanser is my new favourite thing ever. It’s a creamy lotion that you massage into your skin, and then just wipe off with a cotton pad. How easy is that? No having to mess about washing my face at the sink and patting it dry. It’s literally exactly what I need in a cleanser and if that wasn’t good enough, it has the most gorgeous rose scent ever, it’s to die for. I would quite happily apply this all day just to smell it, UH.

MONU Gentle Toner // £21.00

I’m normally used to using liquid toners but I was very pleasantly surprised to find this one is in the form of a spray. It says to spray it directly onto a cotton pad, but I mean, what’s stopping you from just spritzing it straight on your face?! So refreshing, especially on a morning. I must admit I’m not as keen on the scent of this product, it’s made with neroli & petitgrain essential oils (whatever they are) and they don’t smell that great. I can get past this however, as the scent doesn’t linger, and it removes all traces of my cleanser which is fab. The cleanser & toner are literally the perfect pair, I’ve been using them every night!

MONU Firming Fiji Facial Oil // £21.95

I love applying a good facial oil before my moisturiser as I just find they really help to boost the moisture in my skin and really combat those dry areas. This is another one I’m not too fond of the scent of, as it has a slight smell of liquorice which I can’t stand but again, it doesn’t linger at all and I can only really smell it when I first open the lid. It really is such a nice oil to use, it’s very runny so that it’s easy to spread all over the skin but it also absorbs into the skin really well and doesn’t leave me looking like a greaseball. My skin feels SO soft & hydrated after I use this which is exactly what I need at the moment. I’ve also noticed my skin has a really nice natural glow to it the morning after using this so yay!

MONU Soothing Touch Recovery Balm // £25.00

To top off my skincare routine, I go in with this recovery balm which works just like a moisturiser. It has quite a medicinal scent (why can’t they all just smell of rose like the cleanser?!) but it’s not too bad. I have a sample version of this that I’ve been using when I have a breakout and it’s worked brilliantly. It’s very soothing and hydrating and it’s one of those creams that absorbs so nicely into the skin. It also feels very luxurious to apply without being too thick, which makes it a definite winner with me. The formula works to immediately soothe irritated skin which I find is ideal for me as my skin always feels quite irritated after I’ve used a lot of cleansing products, it’s usually all blotchy and red and this really helps to get rid of that. I honestly can’t fault it whatsoever, especially since I’ve been using my sample of it for so long. I’m just really happy I now have the full size!

I’d love to know if anyone else has tried anything from this brand? I really want to try out more products 🙂

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~ These products were gifted to me, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~