My First ABH Quad.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on some ABH single shadows for the longest time, and here are my first picks…


When I was building my custom eyeshadow palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadows were too hard to get hold of over here even though I desperately wanted some. I almost made a Sephora order with the ridiculous shipping prices just to get some but then decided against it. Fast forward a year or so, they are now readily available on a UK website and I’m eager to get building another eyeshadow palette with some in. They have a deal on their website where you can get 8 eyeshadows and a free 8 pan palette all for £50 – I mean how good is that? Instead of getting 8 eyeshadows all for myself, me and my sister (who is dying to build her own eyeshadow palette as she hasn’t got one yet!) decided to go halves and get 4 shadows each. We both spent hours on google searching for swatches to decide what to go for and to be honest, I wasn’t wowed by the shimmers at all, but the mattes I was. There was one shimmer that I fell in love with but it wasn’t available on the ABH website so I had to get the second best thing. I ended up getting one shimmer and three matte shades, all of which are bloody gorgeous may I add, here they are in all their glory;




So Gleam was the shade that I really wanted that they didn’t have, but after viewing swatches, it seemed that Sateen was an almost dupe of it, just with a more golden finish. I decided in the end that was okay as I have a few shades in my other custom palette with a pink toned finish, so a golden one will make a nice change. Sateen is a warm golden peach with a frosted finish, it has absolutely amazing pigmentation and I’m obsessed. It’s the perfect easy, all over the lid shade, as well as looking incredible in the inner corners as a highlight. I love versatile shades like this and I’m so glad I picked it up.

Dusty Rose:

Dusty Rose is the one ABH shade that I have been lusting after FOREVER. I am so glad I finally got my hands on it, it’s absolutely beautiful! I actually bought Vintage from MUG which looked like a very similar shade to this to make up for not being able to get it but it’s way darker and just not the same. Dusty Rose is a warm mauve with a matte finish and it’s just gorgeous. I can wear this in my crease, all over my lid, under my lower lash line, it just looks so pretty everywhere. If you pick up one shade, I highly recommend this one.


Of course every quad has to have a pretty transition shade, and Birkin happened to be the one for me. Birkin is a warm peachy light orange (is that a good explanation?) with a matte finish, that’s just my ideal crease shade. This sort of shade is just perfect for any eye look and works with everything. It’s pigmented but not overly pigmented which makes it the best kinda transition shadow. It’s a tad powdery but nothing that puts me off and something I usually expect with matte shades.


I couldn’t decide which shade to get for my fourth shadow, but I decided that if I was making a quad, I needed a dark brown shade that I can use for smokey eyes, liner, and all that jazz. Fudge is perfect for that, it’s a medium warm chocolate brown with some serious pigmentation. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m definitely going to be using this loads!

Have you got any ABH shadows? What are your favourites? Let me know so I can decide what to get next! 🙂