Three Drugstore Palettes To Try.

Nip+Fab have brought out a makeup range and I picked up these three beauties…


I got these three Nip+Fab palettes in a 3 for 2 deal from Superdrug and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases, it was such a good deal! I’ve not tried anything from Nip+Fab before, as far as I was aware, they just sold skincare products. But I think their makeup range is a fairly new arrival to the drugstore world and I thought these palettes looked too pretty to miss out on. I picked up a blush palette, a highlight palette and an eyeshadow palette. I’m so impressed with the quality and pigmentation of them that I had to review them on the blog, so here are my thoughts!
Nip+Fab Blush Palette in Blushed // £8.95
How gorgeous is this blush palette? I’m totally smitten with blushes at the moment, I have been for a while, so when I saw this palette I just hadddddd to have it. I love the pretty pink and peach shades in it, they’re so perfect for this time of year! For how affordable this palette is, the shades are so pigmented too, less than 10 pounds and you get 4 different blushes that are each beautiful in their own right. On the top row we have a lovely bright pink that’s very girly and pretty, and then we have a coral shade that I’m absolutely obsessed with, I’ve been wearing it so much lately. On the bottom row there’s a peachy orange shade on the left and a more red based pink on the right, which is perfect for achieving those rosy cheeks. There is literally a shade for every occasion, it’s the perfect blush quad!

Nip+Fab Eyeshadow Palette in Sculpted // £10.95
If you love matte eyeshadow palettes, then you will definitely love this one. The one thing that attracted me to it was that it was pretty much an all matte palette. Out of the 12 eyeshadows, only two are shimmers. I don’t own any palettes with this many mattes in and I always wish I had more, so now my wish has come true! This is the perfect everyday neutral palette as the majority of the shadows in it are brown based, my favourite types of shades. I just think for those days where you want some eyeshadow on but nothing too dramatic, then this palette is ideal. It’s supper affordable for how many shades you get too and they’re all pretty pigmented. A couple of the mattes can be a bit powdery but I expect nothing less from a drugstore palette so I can get past that, I just tap my brush! The shades in this are also very warm based which is fab for me as I always reach for warm tones. I definitely think this palette is worth a buy if you’re after an affordable everyday palette, great for travelling too!



Nip+Fab Highlight Palette in Stroboscopic // £15.00
Now for my favourite out of the three, the highlight palette. JUST LOOK at those swatches, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve heard this is a really good dupe for the ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit, which I don’t have, but it definitely looks like it from the swatches. I’m sure it’s not as pigmented as it’s a fraction of the price but I’ve been after a glow kit for ages so I’m pretty happy to have an (almost) dupe of it. I’ve never justified the purchase of an ABH glow kit because I didn’t think I would make use of all of the shades in them, but I’ve been loving this Nip+Fab palette. It’s got five shades that will work with any skin tones, the top three are more ideal for pale skin but the bottom left two are beautiful rosy/peachy toned highlights that will also look beautiful. The shade on the very bottom right is a shade I can only use when I’m tanned, however it makes a gorgeous bronze eyeshadow, so they’re all a winner with me! I just think this palette covers all of your highlight needs, from the tops of your cheekbones to the inner corners of your eyes, it covers it all. And for 15 pounds it’s definitely a steal, grab yourself a drugstore dupe for the glow kit!

Have you tried any of the nip + fab makeup yet? What did you think?