Baby Dove For Baby Skin.

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Dove have brought out a lovely range suited for delicate baby skin and here are our thoughts…

Reuben has suffered with dry skin and eczema since birth. It’s no surprise really as eczema runs in my family, but having a baby with it was obviously completely new to me. I knew how to sort out my own eczema when it flared up, but not on his delicate skin! When he was a newborn, I had to be so careful with what products I used on him, so I couldn’t use any strong creams or anything like that. We went to the doctors but nothing they prescribed ever worked so it’s still a bit of a struggle now. He doesn’t suffer as badly these days, but there are very few products that we can use. We can hardly use any baby bath products in stores as we have to be so careful incase they cause his eczema to flare up. Anyway, when Baby Dove got in touch about their new range, it sounded fab and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was so hopeful that it would work for Reuben as I can barely buy him anything without the risk of it causing him to get severe dry skin.

Baby Dove is dermatologist tested, paediatrician approved and it’s gentle enough for use on newborns. This makes it ideal for Ru, as he isn’t a newborn anymore (obviously) but his skin is probably still as delicate as one so that’s why it’s perfect. They also have two different ranges, the rich moisture range and the sensitive range which is fragrance free. I opted for the sensitive range as I always go for that option when it comes to baby products, it’s just more of a safe bet with a baby who really does have such sensitive skin.This range has been created to support mothers as Baby Dove really believes that there is no such thing as a perfect mother which I absolutely believe in myself. There is no wrong or right way to do anything as a mother and Baby Dove believes that mothers should have the confidence to trust themselves and do things their own way. I really love this brand messaging and how it’s centred around encouraging parents to trust their way and do what they think is best for themselves and their baby.

The range has worked wonderfully on Reuben which I couldn’t be more pleased about. He now has another bath product that I can use on him, and a lovely moisturiser to keep his skin nice and soft. Here are the products we were sent to try out and how they worked for us!

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Wipes // £1.50 per pack
The baby wipes come in a pack of 50 which is quite reasonable, however I would personally prefer more for the cost per pack. What I hate in baby wipes is when loads come out all at once in a clump and thankfully these don’t do that, only one wipe is removed from the pack at a time. I would like it to have a plastic opening as they have one of those stick on lids which I absolutely hate, they’re just so inconvenient when putting them in the change bag as they never stay stuck on. They’re quite thick so you don’t get that cheap feel and it also makes them a lot better for wiping little bottoms! These are alcohol free too, so they can be used all over the skin which is great as I’m forever using wipes to clean Reuben’s face and hands after he’s eaten, he gets food everywhere! I have to be careful with wipes as the one place that Ru suffers most with eczema is on his cheeks and when I use wipes to clean his face, it can sometimes cause a rash to appear. These haven’t done that when I’ve used them so they have a thumbs up from me!

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Head to Toe Wash // £1.90 (200ml) or £3.10 (400ml)
Bath products have always been an issue with Reuben, when he was a newborn even a bath with just water in and nothing else would dry his skin out. There’s only ever been a couple of products I’ve been able to use in the bath so I was a bit wary about trying this out, but I gave it a chance and it has been working wonderfully. I’ve started a bit of baby led weaning which means at bath time, Reuben usually has absolutely filthy hands, as well as the fact that he’s now crawling so his hands are always touching the floor. I use wipes on him throughout the day, but when he has his bath I like to give his hands a thorough clean and I’ve been using this which has done the job nicely. It lathers up really well which means I know his hands are getting all soapy and clean and it’s gentle enough to use on his face and in his hair too. His scalp is another area that I have to be careful with as he’s constantly got dry skin on it but this hasn’t provoked any dryness whatsoever! I think this product will be staying put in his bath time routine, I’m a huge fan.

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion // £1.90 (200ml)
Baby lotion is an absolute must have for us, I moisturise Reuben every single night after his bath as it’s the only way of making sure his skin stays hydrated. He’s always getting patches of dry skin on his arms and legs so even if he hasn’t got any, I like to moisturise him to try and avoid them appearing. I’ve really enjoyed using this lotion for the past few days as it’s very lightweight and easy to apply, it’s not one of those thick lotions that takes a while to absorb into the skin which is exactly what you need with a little one who can crawl about. He absolutely hates being moisturised and it’s such a struggle to get him to sit still whilst I do it, so a moisturiser that will absorb into the skin with one or two swipes is just what we need. Even during the day if he gets red, dry cheeks (which is almost every day, you can see he has a bit on his right cheek in these photos!) I will go ahead and apply a bit of lotion on them so this is perfect for that as he will do his best to try and escape whilst I’m rubbing it in! He has barely any dryness at all at the moment so clearly this has been working wonderfully, I’m definitely going to continue to use it!


So overall, this range is fab for newborns or any little ones with sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend it for any new mama’s or expectant mama’s! 🙂 Baby Dove can be found available in store and online from Tesco, Asda & Boots. Other national retailers will launch the brand later in 2017.


~ This post was sponsored by Baby Dove, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~