Birthday Treats.

I turned 23 last week and these are some of the goodies I received…

I mean let’s be honest here, I clearly used my birthday as the perfect opportunity to take a busy flat lay, because who doesn’t love them right? Anyway, I’m sure if you follow me on social media, you will have seen that it was my birthday last week. Even though I didn’t really do much for it, my family came round and brought me a chinese, the prettiest cake, and a box full of goodies so I had a really lovely evening! I thought that I would use put together a post on some of the goodies I got, most of it was snacks and food and stuff but there is a few beauty bits in there somewhere. I did get some money too, but instead of spending it on makeup like usual, I decided to put it in the holiday fund which is 75% of the way to our goal now, so exciting!! It will be time to get it booked soon yay! Anyway, here are some of the goodies I got from my family!


the body shop grapefruit gel scrub
the ordinary nyx

First of all, my sister picked me up some bits from The Body Shop and she got me the Grapefruit Gel Body Scrub which smells incredible. I already absolutely love the grapefruit scent which she knows so this was a very welcomed gift. I’ve used this a couple of times already and I much prefer it to a sugar scrub which is what I usually use, it’s so much nicer to apply and absorbs wonderfully into my skin, such a treat! She also got me the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet which I believe is a new addition to The Body Shop’s range (or the one near me anyway) and it smells amaaaaazing, if you like citrus based scents then you will love it. I have been loving smothering myself in this as it leaves me skin feeling so soft and smelling incredible! And finally, she picked me up the British Rose Bath Foam which is one of my all time faves, I am obsesssssssed. It is the nicest scent EVER and it creates the best bubble baths!!I got a lot of chocolate and snacks (gladly welcomed gifts) as well and my sister bought me a Thorntons Chocolate Bear from Reuben which was so so cute! It tastes delicious as well 😉 Other treats included my favourite chocolate from Lidl that is literally the nicest chocolate on this earth, popcorn, truffles, crisps, nuts, and loads of other delicious snacks that wouldn’t fit in this flat lay.

My other sister got me a few Drugstore beauty bits which is what I asked for, as I wanted some more drugstore bits to do makeup tutorials with. The first thing she got me was the NYX Pore Filler which I’ve only used a couple of times so far but so far so good, it leaves my skin looking really flawless and gives the the perfect smooth base for makeup application. I also received the NYX HD Studio Concealer which is amaaaaazing, it’s definitely a dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – in shade anyway, the lightest shade is so light! I’ve been using this so much lately on my dark under eye circles and on all my redness and blemishes and it’s fantastic. I’ll definitely have to do a full review or use it in a youtube vid. Lastly I asked for a couple of The Ordinary products so that I could finally get to try out the brand, and the two I selected were the Hyaluronic Acid and the Lactic Acid. I recently posted a review of both of these which you can read here.

Some of the things my mum got me included the Rag’n’Bone Man CD which I would have never bought myself so it makes it a really good gift. I’ve been loving listening to it and the first track on it is actually called ‘Reuben’s Train’ which I think is SO cute. She also got me a really pretty Rimmel polish and a full size of the OUAI Wave Spray after seeing that I loved my travel size. It is so so good and I really love it so I’m so pleased to have a full size version!!

And last but not least, I got bought this beauuuuuutiful cake. We know a lady locally who creates the prettiest cakes and my family decided to get me one for my birthday. I was absolutely in love with this (before I demolished it) I just love the pink marble and the bunting, and it also had little peonies on! So cute!

So yeah those are the lovely bits I got for my birthday this year – I am thinking about treating myself to some new beauty bits but I might wait until the holiday fund is complete…

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