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Some of the hair products I’ve been reaching for lately…

If you’ve noticed I don’t often blog about hair products, it’s because I generally don’t spend my money on them, or I never used to. Like I never used to be into skincare, I have never really been bothered about spending money on hair products. I now have an overflowing drawer of skincare products as well as an overflowing drawer of hair products, so I thought that I would talk about the ones I’ve been reaching for the most lately!


When I was in my early teens, I used to have naturally curly hair, I’m talking full on ringlets. I never used to have to do anything to it because it was naturally so lovely and curly, but nowadays it’s more of a huge frizzy mess. I tend to stay away from hair dryers for this reason as they make it so frizzy and static and I always just let my hair dry naturally. This was until Revlon asked me if I wanted to review their one step hair dryer that’s a hair brush and hair dryer combined. I’ve heard good things about these kinds of tools so I was intrigued and fancied trying one out for myself so I said sure why not! Whilst I stay away from hair dryers because I don’t like what they do to my hair, I also cannot stand wet hair, it’s the pain of my life (!!!!) so this bad boy has been an absolute god send. I kid you not. I can dry my hair with it by combing it through which means my hair doesn’t really get the opportunity to be flying all over the place to go all frizzy and static and it’s just amazing. I only tried it out for the first time last week and I’ve not put it down since, I wish I’d known how good it would be when it arrived as I would have been using it much sooner!

*Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Heat Protectant Spray // £5.99
Heat protectant is one of those products that I always forget about, even though I own about 3 bottles of it, but I’m trying to make it part of my routine after I’ve showered as well as before I style my hair to apply some. Since I got my hair bleached etc, I really want to make the effort to look after it more so it doesn’t go all dry and crispy. I lose quite a lot of hair due to having post partum hair loss and I know that if your hair dries out it can make it worse, so I’m trying to protect my hair from heat as much as possible. I was sent this one by Lee Stafford to try out and oh my lorrrrrrrrrrd, it smells incredible. I absolutely love the scent of coconut so I literally will just sit there, drowning my hair in this. I can’t believe how affordable it is too!!! Definitely recommend guys, it smells insane.

*Lee Stafford Lived In Spray // £5.99
Another product I’ve been loving by Lee Stafford is the lived in spray. I have really thin hair that has no texture to it, so I love products that can give it some “oomph.” I do have a more expensive preference which we’ll get to in a minute, but for everyday wear I’ve been loving this one as it’s really affordable and does a fab job.

OUAI Wave Spray // £22.00
If you’ve watched my YouTube vids on my monthly faves, you may remember I mentioned that I was loving my sample/travel size of the OUAI Wave Spray which I got in a goody bag. Well for my birthday, my mum treated me to the full size and I couldn’t have been happier. I absolutely love this stuff for adding texture to my hair, but not only that, it smells absolutely insaaaaane, I am obsessed. I never go a day without curling my hair, so this stuff helps to hold my curls in place whilst helping to define them. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling crispy or anything like that, just gives it a nice bit of texture. The scent is really strong which a lot of people don’t like as they say it’s too perfume-y but I honestly love it. I spray perfume into my hair anyway as I like my hair to smell good (is that weird? just me?) so this stuff saves me the job!

Let me know your favourite hair system products for helping to give thin hair volume & texture!

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