Dewy Skincare Picks.

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Skincare picks to achieve that dewy summer skin…

I’m constantly changing up my skincare routine to suit my skins needs, to adapt to the weather, to try out new products… but at the moment I have what feels like, a really luxe routine going. I love those products that make me excited to take my makeup off and sit there enjoying applying them, rather than trying to rush through my routine as quickly as possible so I can get into bed. These six goodies are just that, they just feel so luxurious to apply and they give me the most gorgeous dewy summer skin, so I had to share them with you guys.

*Gatineau Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate // £35.00
I received a couple of Gatineau skincare products months ago and I put them to the back of my stash and I’ve only got around to trying them out over the past few weeks but oh my god, they are amazing. I mean it’s quite an expensive brand so I expect them to work well and feel luxurious anyway, but they really do. I’ve been applying the eye concentrate on a morning under my eyes and it sinks so nicely into my skin and makes the area so supple. My under eye makeup hasn’t been creasing whatsoever since I added this into my routine and I’ve had no dryness which I suffer with quite badly in that area. This product is honestly a game changer and I don’t think I could be without it now!

*Gatineau Rejuvenating Cream // £86.00
Another Gatineau product that I received to try was the rejuvenating cream which is, no word of a lie, incredible. I have really dry skin these days and it just feels horrible and it’s really not an ideal base for makeup, but this lil beauty has been saving the day! Like I said before, when I use a product this expensive, I expect it to feel incredibly luxurious to apply and this well and truly does. It’s quite a thick cream which I like, but even a tiny bit still goes a long way, it’s so creamy and easy to spread over my skin. It adds so much moisture to my dry skin and gives me such a lovely smooth base for my makeup, not only that but it doesn’t accentuate any of my oily areas which is absolutely perfect, especially for these hot & humid days we’ve been getting. It also has a lovely floral scent to it that I really like, and the packaging is the prettiest iridescent pink – what’s not to love!

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% // £5.50
After hearing such good things about The Ordinary products all over the blogosphere, I had to try some out for myself. It took me a while but I finally got around to it and picked up a couple of things, one of which is this lactic acid. This offers a gentle exfoliation of the skin whilst improving the texture, so helping to reduce scarring and fine lines as well as retaining moisture. I have been using this combined with the hyaluronic acid and I’ve noticed such great results, my skin has never looked so good! I have some scarring on my face from a nasty cut to my cheek a few years ago and I’ve honestly noticed a difference in that area since starting to use this. I think it’s also helped to battle my redness as that hasn’t been as bad either. Anything that helps to retain moisture is something I’ll add to my routine anyway, but all the other benefits are such a bonus. I can’t get over how good this is for a fiver!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 // £6.00
I had had had to have this since everyone and their mum is talking about it, like I just had to. And I can definitely see why this product is so hyped up now, it’s such a lovely lightweight serum that sinks in to the skin with ease whilst helping to hydrate it. I love a dewy base all year round, but especially in summer so I’ve desperately needed products this year to battle my dryness and help me to achieve soft, glowy skin. This has honestly been a godsend to my routine, it makes my face feel so smooth and hydrated, and is the perfect product to combine with a good moisturiser to achieve beautiful supple skin. I highly recommend this, especially considering it’s only 6 pounds, it’s so good!

*Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel Cleanser // £34.00
I’m always up for trying out a new cleanser as I find I get through them quite quickly, and this one from Pestle & Mortar has been a favourite lately. I love the packaging of this especially, it’s so simple but elegant and the applicator is pretty cool. When you take the lid off, it has a flat top and you push it down so the product comes out from the centre of the bottle, so cool. Not only does this cleanser remove all traces of my makeup, but it leaves my skin with a radiant glow and looking really fresh. I love how easy it is to use and spread around my face too, it’s definitely another luxurious feeling product to use.

*GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask // £39.00
I received a sample size of the glamglow supermud mask recently and I was so so excited to try it out. I’ve been wanting to try a glamglow mask out for the longest time and it was so cool that I was finally able to. It’s safe to say this product has lived up to the hype and hasn’t disappointed, every time I’ve used it, it’s left my skin feeling so gorgeous and smooth. When the mask actually dried down, I could see all my blackheads and pores (which was actually kinda gross lol) but after washing it off, it had unclogged them all and made such a difference in how clean my skin looked and felt. It’s perfect for oily or combination skin where you get really oily around your nose, as that’s the area that I felt it had made the most difference to. I get such an oily nose that there are blackheads everywhere and after using this mask they had reduced by loads. I avoid most face masks on a day to day basis because I find a lot of them tend to dry my skin out, this is a good thing if you have loads of ugly breakouts but on a weekly cleansing basis, it’s not what I want. This mask just doesn’t dry my skin out whatsoever, it leaves it feeling and looking so soft. I am 100% obsessed with it and once my sample runs out I am definitely considering buying the full size!

So those are my six dewy skincare picks, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and love them as much as me and if you have any other recommendations for me! 🙂

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