Five Tips For Enjoying Summer.

Five tips on how to make the most out of the hot weather…


It’s a bit dull & rainy today so I don’t know how useful this post will be unless we get the sunshine back… haha typical. Anyway, I love making the most out of Summer, I love going for walks and enjoying the outdoors in the warm sunshine. However lately it has been far too humid and I’ve preferred staying indoors in front of my fan. I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to make the most of the warm weather we’ve been getting (and if we get it back!) whether you like being indoors or outdoors.


Protect Yourself

Getting out & about in the hot weather can be super uncomfortable if you wear the wrong clothes or forget to put suncream on. Loose clothes and bare legs and arms are a no-brainer if you don’t want to melt, however don’t forget the sun lotion because sunburn is hell! Take it from someone who is naturally pasty white and burns verrrrry easily. Also, if you have kids, make sure you have a bottle of sun lotion on you at all times. I constantly forget to put it on Reuben so I keep it in his change bag and always end up remembering to put some on him in the car on the way out!


Feel Comfortable

Most women don’t think liners are healthy for our intimate skin but a lot of women will know that after having kids, liners are essential to us – we’ve just pushed a human out of our bodies and things aren’t gonna go back to normal that easily. So if you want to get out a lot this summer and you want something that you’re going to be comfortable wearing all day, then Bodyform have you covered. They’ve brought out a new product called the So Slim Daily Fresh Liners which I was sent to test out and have been loving. They are the most lightweight liner that you cannot even feel and they are amazing, mine stayed in place and kept me protected all day with no problems at all! They’re perfect for when I want to go out enjoying the sunshine all day and not worry about having to change or feeling uncomfortable! I was challenged to do an activity that required testing these liners out for the day and I spent the morning at the gym, then came home running round after Reuben, to then getting us both ready to go out for dinner. It isn’t an easy task to get yourself ready, a baby ready, and to then have to run around making sure the change bag is sorted out and the bottles are all made. But I did it with ease wearing my new liner and we had a fab time! Definitely worth picking up if liners are an essential to you.

Stay Cool

The heat can become a bit much for some people, especially when we’ve had the humid weather that we’ve been getting. It can also get too much for children and babies, I know from my own experience that Reuben really hasn’t been enjoying the humid weather, he’s had red cheeks and felt so hot and bothered the poor thing. I think it’s an essential to have a parasol on hand for baby bears to keep them out of the direct sunlight but whilst it’s been far too warm, we have been enjoying staying indoors with the fans going on full blast. This doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the fact that it’s warm outside though, we’ve been making ourselves little indoor picnics (as you can see from the photo for this post) and it’s been divine! We were sat all cool in front of our fans eating delicious food and it was so fun. Who doesn’t love a good picnic, whether its outdoors or indoors?! Another good way to stay cool is to get a paddling pool for the garden, this is ideal for children to keep them cool, however there’s nothing stopping adults using one too haha! I really want to get Reuben one of those super cool ones where there’s slides and all sorts…

Keep Hydrated

It’s so easy to forget to drink enough water whilst it’s hot and it’s SO important as dehydration is awful and can cause heat stroke and all sorts. I’m terrible for not drinking enough when I go out as I never want to have to use public toilets but in this heat it’s a must. You can just pick up regular bottles of water to carry around with you, or if you’re like me and need to drink ice cold water, the best thing to do is to freeze your water. Fill a bottle and freeze it the night before (or just keep a few in your freezer) and before you go out, grab one to take with you and it will gradually melt in the heat and you will have ice cold water to drink all day long – it’s brilliant!

Have Fun

And finally… have fun! I’m sure most people are anyway, but there’s so much to do in the hot weather. Not just for kids, but for everyone. I’ve been loving going on walks into the forest, out into the country and along the beach, they’re so fun to do when it’s lovely and warm. Even if you just venture out your front door for a walk or out into your back garden, it’s lovely just to be able to sit and enjoy the sunshine, get a bit of fresh air, and maybe enjoy a good book or two!

~ This post was sponsored by Bodyform, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~