Homeware Wish List.

summer home wish list homeware wish list

I’ve been lusting after all sorts of home bits lately, here’s what I’ve got my eye on…

Homeware is my next obsession after makeup (and Reuben obvs) and I’m always going round my house thinking about what would make it look better. There’s so so much stuff I want for the house but I’d need so much money to have it all so for now it’s staying on a wish list and I’ll gradually buy bits over time. I’ve recently bought some new homey bits & bobs so keep a look out for a haul on my YouTube channel sometime soon! For now, here’s some other things I’m lusting after.

If you’ve seen snips of my living room before, you’ll know I have the most gorgeous sofa, I’m obsessed. I only live with Reuben and my sister so we have quite a large living room for how small the household is (although Reuben’s playpen and toys take up so much room!) and we originally bought quite a small TV. Well I say we bought it, my mum actually went out and got it so I didn’t know how small it was going to be, but when we go round to our parents house their TV is absolutely massive compared to ours and it makes us want a bigger one! I’ve been shopping around for a good’n and I like the sound of the Panasonic 4K TV range, there’s some fab options. My parents have a Panasonic TV so I already know they’re really good!I don’t really like the lighting in the living room and I’d really like a big lamp or something quite statement in there, I’m in love with this alpine tripod floor lamp from Next, it’s soooo gorgeous. I also like this arched copper one from Wayfair.¬†Another statement piece I’d like in the living area is a floor length mirror, I’ve wanted one for SO long. This one from Wayfair is gorgeous and such a good price. I think I’ll be purchasing this after the holiday savings are complete!

I still don’t have a chair at my desk in my room, I don’t even notice it really now as I sit on the end of my bed but I’d really like a proper chair so I can actually sit at my desk properly to work. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while but it’s quite pricey for a chair, although a lot more affordable than others!

Reuben’s room is so tiny and doesn’t have room for hardly anything which upsets me as there’s so much I want to do with his room. I think I might have to turn a corner of the living room into a bit of a play area (who am I kidding, he already takes over half of it?) and one of the things I really want to get him is a teepee!! I absolutely love this one from not on the high street, it’s so beautiful.

Another thing I want for the living room is a large rug, we had one in there but it was a cheap fluffy one from B&M and it was getting fluff and stuff stuck in it and looking really dirty even though it wasn’t. So I put it in Reuben’s room instead as he will probably just be sick all over it anyway and it gives him a nice soft area to play on! It actually looks really nice in there as he has the ugliest brown carpet and it covers that all up. Anyway, for the living room, I’ve had my eye on this rug¬†which is gorgeous, as well as this one.

I’ve put together some more bits I’m after that I probably can’t afford here:

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What home bits are you lusting after?

~ This post was sponsored by Panasonic, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~