Reuben Oliver: 8 Month Update.

baby 8 month update baby update

So guys, it’s official. I have an 8 month old baby…

I am so proud of him, and everything he has become, but I am also so sad at how fast he’s growing up!! Everyone keeps saying to me how fast he is growing and he really is. It’s even worse that he’s determined to be on the move so early. He is standing now, it’s just a matter of time until he takes his first steps, he still doesn’t talk or clap his hands but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually! Happy 8 months Ru Ru.


New Things

In the last monthly update I was quite excited that Reuben had stood for the first time. Well he is now fully standing and climbing on EVERYTHING. He uses whatever he can to stand up with and climb on, his favourite thing to do is trying to climb on my bed or the sofa. He isn’t quite there yet but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s fully pulling himself up onto furniture, the kid can move! He also likes to stand at the top of the stairs and hold onto the safety gate, which I hate. Imagine if he forced it open or something, ugh I have to take him away from it constantly. He’s quite good at standing but sometimes he will lose his balance and fall backwards. We’ve had quite a few nasty bangs on the head but I don’t know how to prevent them other than hold onto him all day to stop him climbing on things – which is impossible!

He’s a very intelligent baby, he isn’t clapping or talking or anything yet (still trying to teach him!) but for an 8 month old he’s pretty smart. He can open my drawers which he taught himself to do and other clever things like that. He holds his toy phone up to his ear as he must have seen me do it with my phone which is so clever. He got some new toys recently and one of them has a little hammer with it and he’s always using it properly to hammer things with! He also got a xylophone from his grandma and he uses it properly playing tunes – so cute!

He likes to blow lots and lots of raspberries and make lots of noise. He says ‘gaga’ a lot but no proper words yet – still no mama!! He’s very entertained by anything he ISN’T allowed. His favourite toys are the remote control, or a nail polish, anything that’s really boring and not a baby toy basically… if he knows he isn’t allowed it, he loves it. He will sit there for ages playing with something as simple as a nail polish bottle. I swear I just waste money on toys!! He still hates his playpen, he just wants to be upstairs roaming around crawling backwards and forwards from his room to mine, or crawling around the living room into the kitchen.

We’ve started a bit of baby led weaning which I’m quite reluctant to do as it’s SO messy. I give him organix rice cakes, baby biscuits and wafers quite often which he’ll sit and snack on. I keep meaning to give him other things but it’s scary because he gags and it makes him throw up sometimes. I know he needs to learn to feed himself but what can I do when it makes him be sick?! I’m still persevering anyway and I’ve recently bought him some tiny baby pasta stars that he’s going to try. I think I’m just going to go a lot slower than most people until he gets the hang of chewing more and gets more teeth.

Oh and talking of chewing – he now has two little toothypegs!!! I swear to god, they popped up SO fast and out of nowhere. He was a bit grumpy for a couple of days and next thing I know, he’s got TWO teeth. One day they appeared and the next they had shot right up. Seriously, they’re growing so fast, and they’re adorable! He’s a massive dribbler at the moment which I’m obviously putting down to teething. I sometimes have to put my finger in his mouth to hook out things like chocolate that get stuck to the roof of his mouth which used to be fine… now I get bitten and they’re really sharp, ouch!!

He is still very clingy and crawls to my feet to climb up my legs so that I’ll pick him up which is vvvvvv cute. I love how much he wants attention from me (most of the time!)



 Favourite Things

His favourite things to do are basically anything cheeky/naughty. He likes to get all the clean washing out the basket and throw it all over the floor. He likes to open my boxes and throw all the bits of packaging everywhere. He likes to go in my bathroom and climb in my shower, that’s definitely a favourite, he is obsessed with that room!!! He likes to go in my desk drawers and throw my lipsticks all over the floor, as well as try and eat my straighteners… oh yes, not a good one. Even when they’re plugged in and I’m actually using my straighteners, he will climb up me to try and get them. I cannot have him anywhere near me when I’m doing my hair, I have no idea what’s so appealing about them?!?!

I’ve started sitting him in his room with a few toys to play with, and all he does is throw his shoes everywhere, or knock his little wooden chair over, or pull towels off the bannister. Honestly, I spend 99% of my day chasing him round the house and cleaning up the mess he leaves behind lol! Isn’t being a mummy so much fun guys? He is very cheeky but I wouldn’t change it for the world, he is so funny and cute. I might have to follow him round cleaning up after him all day but I also spend so much of my day laughing at how naughty & silly he is, he is very very funny.

I also figured out this month that he hates grass, we went out a few times to get some cute pictures in the countryside and whenever I put him down on grass, he screamed. This resulted in us having to have pictures together rather than ones of just him, which wasn’t awful but I really wanted some of him on his own! Anyway maybe we’ll just have to keep going and I can hope he gets used to it. He was alright in a field full of daisies as the flowers kept him entertained whilst sat on the grass. Maybe flowers are the answer!


So that’s last month pretty much summed up. I am absolutely in love with this boy and I wouldn’t change anything xxx