A Lil Cult Beauty Haul.

A few things I picked up from Cult Beauty lately…


I’ve been itching for a splurge on makeup since I’ve been saving for a holiday for ages and putting myself on a complete spending ban. So I decided to order a couple (or more) bits from Cult Beauty. I actually had a 15% off discount code to use that I completely forgot about too so that was a nice surprise and gave me some $$ off yay! I only got four things which probably doesn’t warrant enough for a haul but I thought I’d share them anyway as a couple of them are things that have been on my wish list for absolutely aaaaages, so without further ado…



We’ll start with the star of the show… the very very popular ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. So every blogger under the sun was once posting about this and I never felt the need to buy it. It honestly just didn’t appeal to me at all and then recently I had been getting bored of my palettes, I tend to reach for the same ones (about three out of them all) all the time and I just wanted something new. I was having a browse on CB of what to buy and I spotted this and for the first time, I really really wanted it. I kept googling swatches and getting that “omg I need it” feeling so I decided to use the opportunity to get it! I mean, how I didn’t want this before now is so strange because I’m well and truly obsessed!! In some ways, I’m kind of glad I waited until now to get it as all the blog posts on it have died down and my thoughts on it won’t be lost in a sea of them. Just look at those shades though, like they are so so gorgeous. I think what appeals to me most about this palette is that it’s unlike any others I’ve got, I don’t really have any of these red/berry type tones in any palettes that I own so it’s something completely different. I wore this palette for Reuben’s Christening yesterday and my eyeshadow was so nice, I got loads of compliments! I didn’t really want to do an in-depth review of this just because there’s so many out there already but I wanted to mention it on the blog so here we are. I think the shades are so lovely and pigmented and they blend like a dream, this palette is the besttttttt.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 3.5 // £30.00
I had no intention of ever buying this, it wasn’t on my wish list or anything, but I couldn’t decide what to treat myself to so I thought about getting another high end foundation. I saw that CB stocked the CT Magic Foundation and I’ve seen SO many bloggers raving about it that I thought I’d try it out for myself. I really want to say that I love it too, but I used it for the first time this morning and absolutely hated the coverage… I put two pumps onto my hand which is the same as what I do for any of my other foundations and I could still see all of my redness, blemishes and everything. I put another pump of foundation on to try and cover up those areas better and it still looked pretty bad. I got it in the shade 3.5 as I wanted something that wasn’t really pale but wasn’t really dark either, that way I can easily lighten or darken it for when I’m pale/tanned but it actually turned out to be the perfect shade for my current skin tone. I have tan on but it’s faded quite a lot and the colour matches me perfectly so it’s such a shame I don’t like the formula. It’s so annoying spending £30 on a foundation that you don’t like, I don’t think it’s ever happened to me before but I am so annoyed ha. I think I will carry on using it and see if I start to get on with it as sometimes you can change your mind on something after a few uses rather than the first time! Maybe I’ll apply it differently or use a good concealer with it, we’ll see!

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in Opal // £8.00
I’ve recently been sent a couple of foundations that are too dark for me, even with fake tan on and I wanted something fairly cheap that I can lighten them with. I did have The Body Shop lightening drops but I gave them to my sister and I think they’re so expensive for what you get. The last time I used them I ended up having to use probably a quarter of the bottle for one foundation application which is completely ridiculous at that cost! I decided to give something else a go instead and I saw this on the CB website. I’ve never seen it before or even heard anyone mention it but for the price I decided it was worth a go, plus NYX never usually let me down. I haven’t actually used this yet so I can’t tell you what it’s like but I got it in the shade Opal which is an off-white shade. They do do this in a pure white shade but I didn’t know if that would be a bit much so I went for this option instead. The foundations I want to lighten only need lightening a bit so I don’t need something that extreme, hopefully this works!

NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me // £9.00
I’ve seen this NYX Ombre Blush floating around and it’s so photogenic which is basically the only reason I picked it up. I did google swatches and thought that this mauve shade looks really pretty first but I got it mainly for the photography – not gonna lie. However, once it arrived and I swatched it, I completely fell in love. This is SUCH a beautiful blush, like how do more people not talk about this?! It’s got a sheen to it so it gives your cheeks lots of beautiful glowy-ness and just looks gorge.

Let me know your thoughts if you own any of these beauties! 🙂


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