An Affordable, Natural Skincare Range To Battle Breakouts.

We all know how expensive skincare can get when you have problematic skin, well T-Zone have a range that will solve all your problems and is super super affordable too!

T-Zone are a very affordable skincare brand that can be found in Superdrug, they aim to deliver a natural alternative to skincare full of chemical ingredients that battles blemishes and provides you with a spot-free complexion. The ingredients include Activated Charcoal, Bamboo Extract, Tea Tree, Grapefruit Extract & Witch Hazel. They are super duper affordable compared to a lot of skincare on the market so I’ve been trialling their Charcoal & Bamboo range over the past week or so to see if it lives up to the claims. Here are the products I’ve been using and my thoughts on them…

Ultra Purifying Face Wash // £3.25
The face wash is the only one I’ve reached for over the past week and I’ve really enjoyed using it. It lathers up lovely all over my skin and removes all of my makeup with ease. I’ve used it combined with my Magnitone Cleansing Brush and it’s left my face feeling so fresh. Some cleansers can cause me to break out but this one hasn’t at all which I’m so pleased about because it’s so affordable!

Deep Cleansing Face Scrub // £2.99
I find this scrub to be quite similar to the Clean & Clear Blackhead scrub but with less exfoliants, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I have sensitive skin anyway. It makes my skin feel very refreshed and smooth after I’ve used it which I really like. I always use a scrub after I’ve cleansed my face as I find it gives me that extra cleanse as well as removing dead skin and any build up. It also helps to remove excess oil that causes spots and things overnight so I’ve been loving using this one combined with the face wash to keep my complexion blemish-free!

Self-Heating Mask // £4.99
Okay, so, the self-heating mask has to be my favourite product out of them all. I mean, seriously. I could sit and apply this to my face ALL day, it heats up as you’re massaging it into your skin and just feels absolutely incredible. You know that feeling when you run a hot shower over your skin and it feels so good – it’s just like that. I absolutely love this mask, I left it on for a good 5-10 minutes (longer than it says to as I got distracted) and my face was so soft and glowing afterwards. The mask draws out dirt and excess oil whilst unclogging pores. You get 4 sachets in a pack but one sachet will probably do 2-3 masks if you use it sensibly. Highly recommend this one!

Black Peel Off Mask // £4.99
This mask basically does the same as the self heating one but in a different form. This one is a good one to have if you don’t want to mess about washing it off at the sink, or for if you’re travelling maybe? I found it a bit difficult to apply to my face with my fingers, I do think a brush may work better and I’ll be using one from now on. It was quite sensitive to remove once dried but I do have sensitive skin anyway, and my face felt so smooth and lovely afterwards. It makes my skin feel like it’s had such a good cleanse. My skin also felt a bit sensitive when I moisturised but I did do this quite soon after so you could probably avoid this if you just waited a bit. If you do have sensitive skin like me, then I think using a gentle moisturiser would help too!

Nose Pore Strips // £3.99
I’ve been wanting to try some nose pore strips for ages because the blackheads on my nose are quite ‘there’ and nothing ever works on them. I never got around to buying anything so when I received these I was super duper excited to try them out. They’re so quick and easy to apply, as well as being mess free. They got rid of all of the blackheads on my nose as well as the little facial hairs which left my nose feeling so smooth too! You get 6 in a pack for £3.99 or 12 for £5.99 which is really really good as I don’t think you’ll find yourself needing to use them very often for how well they work.

Black Cleansing Wipes // £2.99
They remove makeup well but with having sensitive skin I found them to be too harsh for me so I’ve only used them a couple of times. If you like black cleansing wipes and don’t have sensitive skin then they will probably work fine for you. I do think black wipes are great for being able to see the makeup as it comes off your face. If I’m having a late night and I just want to quickly cleanse off my makeup with a face wipe then it’s handy being able to see to make sure everything has come off. If I sleep in makeup, I always breakout so it’s definitely a must making sure my face is well cleansed!

No Shine Papers // £2.99
These no shine papers are such good value for money, for £2.99 you get a pack of 50 and they’re very compact and easy to throw in your handbag. If you have oily skin, things like this can be an absolute life saver. I have combination skin but I suffer with an oily T-Zone, especially around my nose. The one thing that I hate about having an oily nose is that my makeup ALWAYS comes off and I’m constantly having to touch it up. These papers removed all traces of oil around my nose without removing the slightest bit of my makeup which is fab. They are definitely staying put in my handbag and going everywhere with me!

Have you tried anything from T-Zone?


~ This content is sponsored by T-Zone but as always, all opinions are my own. ~