An Evening Skincare Routine.

evening skincare routine for dry or combination skin

My current evening skincare routine…

The majority of my skincare routine happens on a night when I’m taking off my makeup for the day and collapsing into bed. It’s always around this time when my face masks come out, and the hundreds of products I like to use make an appearance. At the moment I’ve got quite a little routine going with products that are working wonders for my dry/combo skin and I thought that I would share it with you all! I was having quite a bad breakout due to a hormonal change and since starting this routine and sticking with it, they’ve all disappeared and my skin is almost back to normal!


Magnitone Wipeout Cleansing Cloth // £13.50
The first thing I reach for before touching any skincare products is my magnitone wipeout cloth, I have always been so sceptical when it comes to these makeup cloths but this one is genuinely amazing. It’s super soft so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin and it just clears my face of all my makeup. When I get to the end of a long day and my T-Zone area is all oily and gross, it feels amazing to be able to just get rid of everything with this baby. Definitely a game changer for me!


Magnitone Barefaced Facial Cleanse Brush // £49.00
I’ve always been quite lazy when it comes to cleansing off my makeup, but since receiving one of these and putting it to use, I’ve really noticed a difference in how clear my skin is. I love that this brush gives my face a really deep cleanse, getting whatever cleanser I choose to use right into my pores and clearing it of all the bacteria that’s built up throughout the day. I have definitely had way less breakouts since I started to use this and I’m putting it down to how well my face is getting cleansed on a daily basis. If you have quite oily skin (or combo with an oily t-zone like me) then I really recommend investing in one of these.

MONU Gentle Cleanser // £21.00
I have mentioned this cleanser before, but I am still absolutely loooooving it. I used it on it’s own before with a cotton pad but now I tend to use it with my magnitone cleanser instead to get a deeper cleanse. I just love how fresh my face feels after I use this, not to mention how amazing this smells too!

Narloa Balancing Face Oil // £20.00
I have combination skin that is basically very dry, the only place I get oily is in my T-Zone area, so a face oil for me is a complete must-have. The one I’ve had on trial lately is the balancing face oil from Narloa which has just done wonders for my combo skin. I apply a couple of drops every night and it makes my skin feel so soft and supple without being greasy or oily. It’s full of ingredients that tackle aging skin too which I need now I’m getting old!

Clinique Moisture Surge // £34.00
A moisturiser that I’ve sworn by for absolutely months now is the Clinique Moisture Surge, this stuff is just an absolute godsend for dry skin and if you suffer with dryness you neeeeeeed it. It hydrates my skin without accentuating my oily areas and my face just feels amazing after I’ve applied it. I only feel the need to use this on an evening as a little bit works so well and I wake up with the perfect base to apply makeup to!


Let me know what your go-to products are for combination skin as I’m always looking for new goodies to try!


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~ Some of these products have been gifted to me, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~