Five Tips For Increasing Blog Traffic.

I'm always getting asked how I drive traffic to my blog so today I thought that I'd share a few of the things I do to bring the readers in...



This one is tough if you're a busy person who works all week, but posting frequently to your blog is a huge traffic driver. The more posts you have to read and the more fresh content you produce, the more your readers will come back for more. It is hard to keep up with your blog if you want to post often but it's so worth it. Having said this, never post for the sake of it, always make sure your content is of good quality. You can make sure you always have content to post by being a week or more ahead of schedule, take photographs in bulk, jot all your ideas down on a notepad or your phone. I write notes everywhere for post ideas, whether that be on my phone, a notepad on my desk, or even just saving a few things on pinterest for some inspo. I can be guilty of going a few days to a week without posting anything but this is mainly just because I'm a mum and sometimes finding the time is really hard. I go through stages of feeling so uninspired which doesn't help, but if you ever feel really inspired and motivated, then produce as much content as you can to get you through the tough times!


Ever since I got really into my photography and started putting a lot of effort into my flat lays, I noticed my blog traffic increased absolutely loads. Not only do nice images attract people to your blog but they are great for sharing on Pinterest to advertise your post or any social media platforms for that matter. I know personally that I'm 10x more likely to click on a blog post on twitter or facebook if there's a photo with it that catches my eye. You don't need fancy equipment to take nice photos either, I've said this loads before in my photography posts, but as long as you have an eye for detail then you'll be fine!


I always used to write the most boring blog titles ever and I'm not surprised my traffic was so low. If you're writing a review about a hyped up product then it's absolutely fine to title it (just an example) "Modern Renaissance Palette Review" as you're bound to get clicks from people who want to read about the palette and see swatches. BUT. If you're writing, let's just say, a review on a new skincare brand that's not very well known, then you're probably not going to get many clicks if you just title it "(brand name) review". It will work well in your favour to give your blog posts a more interesting title like "How I Achieved Clear Skin" or "A Skincare Range To Battle Dryness" ... I mean they're not the best examples but you know where I'm coming from right? Just be a bit more creative with your titles if you're not already as it definitely helps!


Engaging with your readers and commenting on other bloggers posts often is a great way to drive

more traffic back to your own blog. I never became part of the blogging community by doing anything out of the ordinary, I literally just found blogs I liked, commented on them and most of them started returning the favour. I also followed other bloggers on twitter and instagram and started to interact with them which again, made them return the favour. I now have a group of bloggers that I interact with on a regular basis and I always read their new content. I also found a lovely group of girls on twitter who I now have a Facebook group chat with and it's so lovely to be able to chat to them all on a daily basis! Having blogger friends who you support regularly will most likely mean they will support you also so it's a win-win situation as you're getting traffic from each other. Blogging isn't a competition, it's a community where you can connect with people who share your passions!


One of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog is to share your tips and tricks with everyone else. Some of my most popular posts are things like photography tips or blogging tips (like this post for example) and when I've posted this kind of content, I've had such an increase in blog traffic for weeks. People find this stuff so useful and quite often will share it on their own social platforms too which drives even more traffic to your blog. I wrote a photography post about a year ago and I still get people finding it and commenting on it now saying how useful it's been to them!

So those are my five tips that will hopefully help you increase your blog traffic, what's your best tip?