July Makeup Picks.

My everyday makeup picks this month…

Not going to lie, I’m the worst for sticking to the same makeup products if I really like them and they work for me. I mix up things like lipsticks and eyeshadows, and maybe the odd foundation or two, but apart from that I’m awful for having the same products in my everyday makeup bag every month. This is why I don’t really do these posts that often, however… this month I have acquired a few new products and I’ve actually mixed up my everyday makeup quite a bit for once. I really need to try and make the effort to do this more often, but for now, here’s some of my current everyday makeup picks!

I’m absolutely loving this primer at the moment, my skin has been so dry lately and my makeup keeps applying so patchy. This stuff has literally been a life saver and has given me a nice hydrated base to apply makeup to. It’s not a pore filler or anything like that, however I don’t like to use those on a daily basis anyway as those types of primers make me breakout if I use them too much. It’s really lightweight and easily absorbs into my skin, it just feels like I’m applying a nice moisturiser!

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint // £30.00
For an everyday foundation, I’ve been loving the NARS Skin Tint Foundation, it’s got pretty good coverage, has a semi-matte finish and just feels really lovely and lightweight for everyday wear. I love NARS foundations for the colour range anyway, I have this in the shade Finland which is perfect for me w/o tan on but I mix it with the Rimmel Instant Tan to get the perfect shade.

NYX HD Concealer Wand // £6.00
This NYX concealer has become my go-to liquid concealer for daily wear. I used to always reach for the Urban Decay Naked Skin or my NARS Radiant Creamy but this one is such a good dupe for the NARS concealer for a fraction of the price so it’s my new everyday fave! The shade Porcelain is so light and brightening, the coverage is really really good and it’s just fab for covering up my dark under eye circles and brightening the area. I also apply this to any redness I have or if I have any breakouts and it works perfectly for those too.

Rimmel Radiance Shimmer Brick // £5.99
I’m absolutely loving this bronzer for adding some colour to my cheeks as well as giving me a lovely natural glow. This has definitely got to be one of my favourite products that Rimmel has brought out so far, it’s so gorgeous. I like to bronze my cheeks with this as well as adding a bit of definition to my jaw line and temples.

NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me // £9.00
I’ve had an obsession with blush for a while now, however I don’t like anything too bright or in your face. I picked up this NYX ombre blush after seeing a few bloggers photographing it, and I honestly mainly picked it up for how pretty it looked in photos, however. I LOVE IT. I honestly love it so much that I’ve been reaching for it everyday, the shade ‘Mauve Me’ is absolutely gorgeous and just uhhhh. I feel like this is probably more of an Autumn shade than a Summer one but I just feel like this shade looks so flattering on me and really compliments my bronzed complexion so I’ve been wearing it loads. Definitely recommend you pick one of these up, I want more shades!

Rimmel Insta Contour Stick in Light // £6.99
I find that this contour stick gives me more of a bronzed look than a chiseled look, but I still really love it. It’s great for using underneath a powder bronzer to give me a nice summery bronzed complexion, and the highlight on it is just so so gorgeous. For an everyday glow, the highlight shade is literally perfect and I’ve found myself reaching for it so much!

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll already know how obsessed I am with this palette, so obviously it’s easily made it’s way into my everyday makeup bag. I wouldn’t have put this palette down as an ‘everyday’ palette but the amount of looks I’ve found myself creating with it is insane. I’ve been wearing the most subtle looks as well as really glam ones and I’ve just loved them all. One of my favourite shades to reach for on an everyday basis is ‘Buon Fresco’ which is a dusky purple kinda shade and it looks beautiful all over the lid or in the crease with a champagne on the lid. I can’t see this leaving my everyday routine for a while as I’m definitely obsessed.

MAC Lipstick in Patisserie // £15.50
A new favourite everyday lipstick of mine is Mac Patisserie, thanks to winning Laurzrah’s giveaway who is such a babe. I am honestly obsessed with this shade now, it’s a baby pink type nude with a cremesheen finish and it just compliments all of my eyeshadow looks perfectly. From anything minimal to glam, it works with everything. I wore this in one of my latest looks on YouTube if you want to see it in action!

So those are all of my everyday makeup picks at the mo, let me know what your favourites are this month!


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