Reuben Oliver: 9 Month Update.

Ru bear, you are now nine whole months old…


Nine months in, and nine months out, my baby is now NINE months old. I just can’t comprehend where time is going, I really can’t. I think this is my favourite age so far, I’m sure I’ve said that many times before but Reuben really has a little personality now. He amazes me everyday with his intelligence and he is constantly learning new things. He is also now starting to talk which is very very exciting and I just absolutely adore this boy to bits. Here’s what’s new during the past month…



Had his first swim!

Reuben went on his first swim last month, his Aunt Holly & Aunt Meg both took him for a swim and he absolutely loved it! He loves water anyway as bath time is his favourite so I knew he would like swimming. He was in the pool for a good hour or so and kept babbling at the other children, how cute?! He is such a sociable little bunny. He kept kicking his legs when he saw other children doing it too, he’s so adorbs! There was a box of pool toys that he absolutely loved and kept playing with too and he didn’t want to get out! I’m thinking about getting him baby swimming lessons but I’m not sure if he’s a bit young yet so we’ll see!


Said his first word!

I’ve been trying to get him to say mama for what feels like absolutely months and during the last week or so, he has FINALLY said it!! It’s his first real word and now he’s started he will not stop saying it, I’m in love! He doesn’t say anything else yet, he doesn’t even say like ‘bababa’ or anything like that, it’s literally just ‘mama’ or ‘mamamama’ and that’s it. I’m not complaining, I love hearing it constantly! I’m pretty sure he knows he’s addressing me too because he will stand in his cot when he’s woken up from a sleep and shout ‘MAMA’ at the top of his voice until I go and get him – how frickin’ cuteeeee. I love him so much.


I got him Christened!

If you’re subscribed to my channel or follow me on social media, then you will know that on Sunday 2nd July, I got Reuben baptised. I have grown up as a catholic in a religious family and I want to bring Reuben up with the same beliefs that I have, so I got him christened. Obviously when he’s older he can decide for himself what he chooses to believe in, but I would like him to go to a Catholic school and be brought up as one until he decides otherwise. We went back to the town that I grew up in and got him baptised in the same church that I was baptised in which I think is so lovely. We only had a small family gathering to celebrate it with us but it was really nice. My parents paid for us to all have afternoon tea in a hotel and the gardens there were beautiful, it was such a gorgeous day too! Andrew filmed the day for me and you can find the video on my channel here if you would like to see all the highlights from the day! It’s a really beautiful video so I definitely recommend a watch!


Learnt to wave!

Another thing we’ve been trying to teach him for a while is to wave when you say ‘bye’ or ‘hiya’ and he finally learn to do it when you say ‘hiya’ to him and wave. It’s so cute. He doesn’t always do it but he will start waving randomly when you’re not even trying to get him to and it’s super duper adorable.

Other new things:

His new favourite thing to do is to crawl around and carry things with him as he goes, he likes to take anything of mine and crawl out of my room with it then leave it in the middle of the landing or something. He’s so funny, I will be walking upstairs and I’ll find my hairbrush or something randomly in the middle of the floor! If it’s not there it will be nowhere to be seen as he will leave it somewhere I can’t find it. He was playing with my personalised bracelet with his name on and I now can’t find it for the life of me, I have no idea where it’s gone?!
He’s become so good at eating now, before I said I was struggling to do baby led weaning with him as he kept gagging on food but now he chews like an absolute pro. We go out for meals and he can sit at the table in a highchair and be fed things like rice, chips, bread, all sorts! It’s actually so great that he can join in meals with us as he isn’t sat there bored and watching us eat. I feed him things at home too but he makes much more of a mess in his high chair, even with a bib on!!
He’s always been really wary about textured floors like rough carpets, grass and sand but the other day we went to the beach and he was crawling around the sand like crazy! Hopefully he’s getting better with the fear that he has as it makes it difficult to put him down in the garden to play and things like that. He’s usually okay if I’m sat right next to him but it means I can’t get many pictures of him in the country which is a shame.