Three Summer Scents.

three summer fragrances three summer scents

Three of my favourite summer scents…

I love these kinds of scents all year round but during summer, there’s nothing better than smelling all sweet and fruity. Three of my go-to scents during the past couple of months have been these little beauties and today I want to share them and tell you why you should definitely have them in your collection this summer!

*Chloé Love Story Eau de Toilette // £35.95
I absolutely love this perfume, not only does it smell amazing but the packaging is beautiful and SO instagrammable, which I’m sure you all know already! Love Story is the perfect summer scent because it’s so sweet and fruity and makes you smell so fresh. It’s a really romantic scent as well so it’s perfect for evenings out too. If I had to wear just one perfume this summer, it would be this one without a doubt. I feel like this is the ideal everyday fragrance to wear and you don’t need much for a strong pay off so a small bottle like this lasts ages!

*YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum Spray // £43.95
YSL Black Opium isn’t like the other two in this post, it’s not fruity but it’s still quite a sweet fragrance which makes it lovely for the warmer months. It has notes of vanilla in which I absolutely love as vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents with hints of musk. Whenever I wear this, I get compliments as it’s so strong so I always reach for this one if I’m going to be out all day. This one is a very mature, sophisticated scent so I’d definitely wear this one on a night out. Also how gorgeous is the bottle?!?!

*YSL Black Opium Floral Shock Eau de Parfum Spray // £68.00
Another one of my favourites is the Black Opium Floral Shock. Again, it’s sweet but with long lasting floral notes (obviously) and this just makes it absolutely perfect for the summer months. Anything with floral print or with a floral scent has to just be a go-to during Spring & Summer and this fragrance is no different! It has coffee undertones too and iced coffee is a favourite for me when it’s warm so I love that I have this in my perfume too. I think I prefer this to the original during summer but I would reach for the original more during the colder months.

So those are my three go-to scents at the moment, what’s your favourite summer scent? 🙂