August Cohorted Beauty Box & Too Faced Giveaway!

cohorted august beauty box reviewThe Cohorted beauty boxes are quite well known in the blogosphere, here’s the August edition…

I worked with Cohorted quite a while back, it was last January I believe so a good year and a half ago and I absolutely loved the box that I received. It had so many goodies in and fast forward to where we are now, their boxes are still pretty great. For those that don’t know about this beauty box, it’s the black edition beauty box from Cohorted which is a monthly subscription for £35. Every month you receive a luxurious black box with a selection of high end beauty products inside. It’s a really gorgeous treat to yourself and is generally really good value for money. I was slightly disappointed with a couple of things in my August box, but that’s purely down to what products I personally like to use. I never invest in beauty boxes and I really must start because what I do love about them is that you never know what you’re going to get inside and it’s such a fab idea to get a box of surprise goodies every month. I will say that I’m always seeing reviews around the blogosphere of this beauty box and I have hardly ever seen one that looks disappointing. I’ve seen editions of this box with goodies inside from brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Vintage Cosmetics, Lancome and loads more!

Whilst I may have been a little disappointed with a couple of things inside the August edition, it’s still absolutely fab value and it encourages me to try products I probably wouldn’t usually buy for myself! There is a mix of haircare, makeup and skincare which is a nice balance, and there was one product inside that I am extremely happy with so all is not doom and gloom. You can read on to find out what I liked, didn’t like and why!

Paul Yacomine Huile de Parfum // RRP £28.00

This is one of the products that I’m not overly impressed with, I think this could be down to the fact that I’m really fussy when it comes to oils. I thought it was a perfume at first but it is in fact an oil for face, body, hair and nails. My first impressions of it are that I’m not a huge fan of the scent but I can probably get past that. Some oils are really lovely and hydrating on my skin, but others just make it feel greasy and this one leans more on the greasy side for me. I mostly use oils on my face and I have combination skin so they can be a bit hit and miss, some will hydrate my face without causing me to get super oily but others make my T-Zone look like an absolute pile of grease. I will continue to use it and see if I get on with it better though, I did actually use this on my legs and they felt gorgeous and silky smooth afterwards so maybe that’s the way forward with it!

Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask // RRP £17.95

I’m absolutely awful at looking after my hair but I do wash it far too much. I have to wash it every night due to it getting so greasy at the roots (some nights I won’t bother but generally I just hop in the shower so it’s easy) but the ends of my hair are actually quite dry. I think this is down to all the dye it’s been put through over the years as well as the fact that I recently had it bleached. I keep meaning to try out more hair masks but never get round to it so I was quite intrigued by this one. I ended up using the entire lot in one go as I felt like I hadn’t used much and my hair ended up absolutely DRIPPING in oil. I thought it was never going to come out and I was going to be a greasy mess for days but it all washed out instantly! I left it on for absolutely ages, my clothes were covered in it due to it dripping but it did absolute wonders for my hair. It only took one shampoo & condition to clean my hair, so just the normal rinse I’d do anyway and my hair felt absolutely amazing. I can see something like this being wonderful to use monthly if you have dry hair.

Apple & Bears Bergamot & Green Tea Body Wash // RRP £5.00

This product disappointed me just because it’s a travel size and not a full size, HOWEVER, I think I’m going to save it for when I go on my holiday to Italy in a few weeks. I haven’t tried it yet but it does smell gorgeous and I think it’s a fab little goodie to stick in my suitcase. I would have preferred to see a full size version of this in the box, but then again, I’m not sure it would have fit so maybe two travel sized bottles? Maybe I’m just being greedy…

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer // RRP £20.00

NOW WE’RE ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. So the star of the show in this box has to be the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. I’ve never tried it before but I have the Born This Way Foundation and I absolutely love it so I definitely had high hopes for the concealer too. I absolutely love the formula of this, but again (like the foundation) the shade is off for me. This is in light/medium and even when I’m fake tanned the shade is far too orange. I’ve got round this by applying it to my under eye circles and redness UNDER my foundation so that I get the coverage but not the orange finish. I really wish Too Faced would sort out their shade game because they have the products on point apart from that! I’ll maybe have to see if I can pick up this concealer in a lighter shade.

There was also a sample of the MAC False Lash Extreme Mascara but I didn’t feel it worth a review as I have about 10 of these that I’ve got free with lipsticks… if you’ve never tried it before it’s a nice addition but it was a bit of an irrelevant product for me as I never got on with any of my other samples of it!

Overall I think the Cohorted boxes are extremely good for the price you pay and I think the mix of products in this one is great. I definitely think it’s worth signing up if you fancy receiving a bundle of surprises every month since it’s all high end and fab value!



Cohorted have also teamed up with me to bring you a giveaway to win the limited edition Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Palette. This is worth £40 and isn’t actually available to purchase anymore so don’t miss out on the chance to possibly bag it for yourself! It looks beautiful and I’m so jealous of whoever wins it. This giveaway is open internationally and to be in with a chance to win, you can enter via rafflecopter below…

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Let me know if you’ve tried Cohorted before and if you received a box you loved!

~ This post contains gifted products, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~