Five Hydrating Skincare Picks.

hydrating skincare favourites

Five of my favourite skincare picks for hydrating my dry skin…

As many of you know, I have combination skin that leans more on the dry side so I’m constantly switching up the products I use in order to cater for it. I like to use products that add moisture to my skin but don’t accentuate my oily T-Zone and these products are perfect for that. Products that hydrate my skin are vital to my skincare routine so that my makeup applies flawlessly so here are my five faves!


clinique moisture surge review


Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator // £34.00
This is my all time favourite moisturiser to use, I rave it about it so much. I’ve noticed a lot of other bloggers have started to rave about it too which makes me so happy, because everyone should know how amazing this stuff is! It’s replaced ALL other moisturisers in my collection, well kinda. I try not to use it every single day as I don’t want to run out of it really fast, but I probably use it every other day. If I’m going through a really bad skin period and my face is super dry, then I will use it religiously until it has some moisture back in it. It’s just the most hydrating moisturiser, it makes me skin instantly smooth and it doesn’t make me oily at all. Love it!

Gatineau Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate // £54.00
I get really dry under eyes and this product is just a miracle worker. Not only does it hydrate the entire area under my eye, it helps clear up my horrible dark under eye circles. I’ve had horrendous ones lately due to not sleeping very well and this stuff has saved my liiiife.

MONU Hydrating Mask // £29.95
You know when you’ve thrown a ton of skincare products on your face to fight blemishes and your skin feels super duper dry? Yeah, well I hate that and this mask brings my skin back to life. It’s so easy to apply and it feels delicious on my skin whilst it’s on. Once I’ve washed it off, my face is SO supple and feels amazing, and I just love it. Hell, I even use it when my face isn’t feeling dry because it just makes me skin feel so good.

Samaya Vata Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil // £79.00
This oil is quite pricey, I know, but I have absolutely been loving using it over the past few weeks. Not only does it come in the most gorgeous packaging that feels so luxurious, but it’s such an incredible oil. I’ve noticed such a difference in how my skin looks and feels, it has definitely given my skin a glow. Not only has it made my skin look amazing, but it hydrates my dry face whilst not giving me that horrible oily feeling. I have to avoid a lot of oils because whilst I do have dry skin, I end up getting so shiny on my forehead and chin after I’ve used them and I hate it. This one doesn’t do that to me at all so it’s been an absolute staple in my routine!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid // £6.00
At first I loved the Hyaluronic Acid, but then I wasn’t sure it was beneficial to my skincare routine at all. I ended up stopping using it for a few weeks and I noticed a drop in how my makeup applied instantly. It really does make a difference, and quite a significant one for how affordable the product is. I always apply it before my moisturiser on a morning and it just really does help to hydrate my skin and give me a smooth base for makeup. Highly recommend it for the price!


So those are my top five skincare picks for dry skin, what are yours?


~ This post contains gifted products, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~