Lil Bitta Love.

I’m sick of there being so much negativity in the blogging community lately so I’m here to inject some love into it…

Anyone else feeling me? This wasn’t my planned post today but I’ve written it after there being so much negativity in the blogging world as well as real life lately and to be honest, I’m just fed up of it all. It’s bad enough being bitchy and nasty as it is, never mind directing it at innocent children. Anyway I’m not here to talk about that, those people aren’t even worth your breath. There are bloggers who put their all into their content on a daily basis and don’t receive half as much recognition as they should, so I want to share my faves. You should all follow everyone in this post because not only do they all have absolutely amazing content but they are GENUINELY NICE PEOPLE, which is hard to find these days. I interact with a lot of bloggers and instagrammers on a daily basis so please don’t be offended if you’re not here, I’ve tried so hard to remember all my favourites!

Inspirational Ladies

These girls kill it with their blog & their instagram content every single day without fail, they are all 100% worth a follow.

Jodie //

Jodie inspires me all the time with her blog content, her Instagram feed, her incredible photography and her take on life in general. She’s always trying to better herself and step out of her comfort zone and I love that!

Lily //

Lily is one of the friendliest bloggers you could ever (virtually) meet. She’s so supportive of other bloggers and works so bloody damn hard on her own blog. She posts so much content and it’s so inspirational how she manages to come up with so many high quality posts and ideas!

Faye //

Faye is one of the newest bloggers on the block and is just absolutely killing it with her content. Her Instagram is one of my faves, every single picture is so bloody gorge!

Francisca //

Fran is another one of my fave instagrammers and bloggers. I love viewing her insta feed as well as all of her fantastic blog content and she is such a lovely gorgeous girly!

Sally //

Sally is one of my all time favourite beauty bloggers, I’ve bought so much based on her reviews. I love her beautiful vibrant photography, her blog is always one to read to cheer me up!

Jen //

Jen is a beautiful gal with the best outfits ever, if I want any fashion inspo this is where I go. Absolutely love her content and she kills it even though she’s so busy with uni!

Laura //

Laura is another girly with a gorgeous instagram feed and a fab blog – so much pink & prettiness! Her photography is just so gorgeous, I’m obsessed.

Chelsea //

Chelsea is always direct messaging me on insta, she’s such a lovely girl. Her blog is gorgeous and she has the cutest house ever, definitely one to follow!

Stacey //

Stacey is one of my faves because not only is she a beauty blogger, but she’s an amazing photographer and mummy to little Amelia. I can relate to her so much as we have a lot of similarities and she’s just a very inspirational lady!

My Girls

If there’s one group of girls you need to follow it’s these lovely ladies.

Emma, Paige, Chloe, Rachael & Chlo are five of the loveliest girls ever. It all started out as a random twitter group that has now evolved into a group facebook chat that we all talk to each other in daily. We’ve spoken about absolutely everything, like we don’t hold anything back, we’re always there for each other and it’s just so so nice. I can now call all of them my friends and they each put so much effort into their content and photography. All of them have such gorgeous Instagram feeds and blogs so I highly recommend you check them out! x


The Mama’s

The lovely Mama’s who I love to chat to and who inspire me daily.

I made another instagram account purely to post pictures of Reuben on and I adore going on it everyday and browsing my feed, looking at all the cute babes. A few of my favourites and the ones that inspire me most are jen.and.cub, morganalicebeauty, sienna.and.i, just.isla.and.i & maisymeowblog. They all have the most gorgeous babes and post the cutest pictures of them! Other mama blogs I love to read include Emily, Kirsty, Georgina, Zoe, & Amy who all kill it with their content, I love their blogs!


There are loads more lovely ladies who I interact with on a daily basis on twitter and instagram and the rest but I would never stop if I mentioned everyone. I hope you go and follow all these inspiring girlies & mama’s as I can assure you that you won’t forget it! x