Reuben Oliver: 10 Month Update.

Reuben is now in double digits folks…

10 months, double digits… scary times eh? How is this tiny human of mine a one year old in two months time? How?!?! There’s so many babes on Instagram turning one lately and it’s just like, that’s going to be my child soon… I can’t cope. I’m so excited for his first birthday, I’m going to buy him so many balloons and a cake and it’s gonna be fab. I’ve been wanting to go to Italy for a few months now and every time I try to book it something stops me, this time it’s the fact I’ve forgotten to get him a passport. Anyway if I manage to find something last minute for September/October time I think it’s going to be a little getaway for his birthday. Otherwise I will plan something else and go away early next Spring. I know he most likely won’t remember his first birthday but I will so I want it to be a good one! Anyway, enough about that, I’m trying to savour the last few weeks of him being zero so here’s everything he’s learnt to do lately!


New Things

I think I mentioned last month that he had started waving, he does it loads now. He just randomly sits/stands there and he will start waving for no reason. He also loves to wave at the tv when his favourite characters are on, it’s so bloody cute.

He hasn’t learnt any new words since ‘mama’ but he’s become so talkative lately. His new favourite phrase is ‘babababa’ and he does it constantly! He’s also started to make lots of noise like he’s attempting to talk but there’s no actual words, it’s more like ‘ah’ or ‘oh’ sounds, but I love it – it’s so cute!!

One of his new favourite things is picking things up and throwing them on the floor… he likes to throw everything off his changing station onto the floor and he LOVES going into my drawers and throwing all my stuff everywhere. It just brings me so much joy when he’s going in my makeup drawers and throwing/eating my charlotte tilbury lipsticks… lol.

He’s turned into a really sociable little bunny, he was once so so shy in front of strangers but now when we go anywhere he smiles at absolutely everyone. He just stares at random people and starts smiling or laughing, it’s so sweet. It does annoy me when people look at him and just ignore him though, some people can be so ignorant and miserable. He’s just a little baby being friendly! He loves little kids especially, he will go up to them and stroke them in a playful way and try and communicate with them. It is honestly the most adorable thing ever, I should probably go to a baby group with him, but yano anxiety probs.

He can stand up all on his own now and he’s getting better and better at it. It started off with a few seconds at a time, now it’s minutes and he’s gradually getting braver at taking steps! He will stand next to the coffee table without holding on, and he will have his hand there ready to use it to get his balance if he falls. He’s honestly such a clever little boy, it won’t be long at all until he’s walking!

Tantrums are a new thing, if I take something off him that he wants like my phone, or he doesn’t get his own way – he lets me know about it!! He likes to do this fake cry and then throw himself backwards onto the floor, I try not to laugh but I can’t help it! It’s so funny and cute – wonder how long it will stay cute for when he’s doing it in public haha?!

Screaming is also new. Well kinda. He started squealing ages ago in anger as well as excitement, but now he thinks it’s hilarious to run round the living room screaming at the top of his lungs. I do think it’s really cute and hilarious, but not sure if the neighbours will agree haha!

Favourite Things

He LOVES the Teletubbies and in the night garden. I put in the night garden on at bedtime but it’s always Teletubbies during the day. The reason I don’t let him watch Teletubbies at night time is because it’s his absolute favourite, he gets so excited when it comes on. He just sits there staring at the tv, and he will laugh and smile and try and chat to the teletubbies – honestly like, if that doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will. I always film him watching it just because it’s the cutest thing ever and I’ll be so sad when he grows out of it! I just want him to stay little forever and ever, he’s so adorable.

His favourite foods haven’t really changed, he still loves bananas and yogurt, which is fab as they are moderately healthy foods. He also loves spaghetti bolognese and pasta. He has become such a fussy baby lately and it’s getting very difficult to feed him solid foods, but there are things that I know he will eat at least. I give him breadsticks a lot now as he likes to sit there and snack on them. I’ve started giving him them with philadelphia cheese on and he is absolutely loving it, although it’s one messy snack! I don’t know if the fussiness is just due to teething or something as he turns his head away to foods that he’s eaten and loved before. Who knows – babies minds are one big mystery.


I’ve also set up a new Instagram mama account full of baby spam, so if you want to see daily pictures of this cutie, I’d love for you to come and follow us! My username is 🙂 it’s so sad to think there’s only two more of these monthly updates left!!