August Favourites.

august favourites august beauty favouritesIt’s been a while since I did one of these in blog post form but hey ho, here are my August faves…

I usually try to avoid monthly favourites posts as I feel like I’m under pressure to post new things every month, but over the past month I’ve gained a few new fave things that I wanted to share. I did start filming these monthly favourites things as I found they gave me some content for YouTube but I’ve kinda stepped off the YT wagon for a while so this months is over here on the ol’ blog. I know monthly favourites don’t HAVE to be new products but it just so happens that I’ve been sent so many goodies lately that I just neeeeed to share my love for them.


steam cream review


Steam Cream // £13.95
I’ve been trying out this new moisturiser over the past week or so and I absolutely love how gentle this one is on my skin. Steam Cream is a moisturiser for face, body & hands and is completely natural. My skin has been fairly dry lately as well as incredibly sensitive and using this has done it the world of good. I’ve not been wearing makeup as much because of breakouts and a good cleansing routine combined with this has helped my skin clear up so fast. It’s so light and melts into my skin whilst leaving it feeling so soft & hydrated. I love that I can use it on my hands too as I suffer with the driest hands evvver, especially with cleaning up after a messy baby so often! I have a full size of this as well as a smaller travel sized pot and it’s made it’s way into my handbag, it’s perfect.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask // £24.99
If you read my blog often then you’ll probably be aware that I’m a huge fan of Antipodes products. I received my first product from them last year in a skincare bundle that I was kindly gifted from Beauty Bay as a pregnancy treat and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve heard such good things about this mask that I was desperate to try it out for myself and I absolutely love it. It’s a mask made in heaven for my skin as it’s so hydrating and exactly what my skin needs right now. I’ve been slathering my face in this quite a lot recently and I have just been loving how gorgeous it feels afterwards!

Nuxe Lip Balm // £9.50
I recently mentioned this lip balm in my Fragrance Direct haul and guys, it’s official. I. Am. Hooked. This stuff is incredible! Not only is my skin always dry, but so are my lips and this little jar of magical goodness has been giving me life. I am obsessed with the scent, I don’t even know what it is – it smells like oranges? But whatever it is, it’s so good. I don’t even need to use much to moisturise my lips which is the best part, I just love how thick it is and how it melts into them. So good.


nuxe lip balm review


NYX Lid Lingerie in Nude to Me // £6.00
I’m very sceptical when it comes to liquid products, especially liquid eyeshadows but oh my, how beautiful this one is. This is the first time I’ve tried the NYX lid lingerie’s but I’m definitely tempted to get more. Nude to Me is suchhhh a pretty shade, it’s a gorgeous shimmery nude. I love how easy these are to apply and how they are the perfect little staple to pop in your handbag or take travelling. So much easier than an entire eyeshadow palette, that’s for sure. I definitely think it’s worth having at least one of these in your collection, I’ve been missing out!

L’Oreal Lipstick in Naomi’s Delicate Rose // £2.99
Another product I mentioned in my Fragrance Direct Haul but had to make it to my Aug faves is this gorgeous lipstick from L’Oreal. Everyone has been saying how much they love this shade, and I feel the same – it’s so gorgeous! I’ve been wearing this so much lately as it’s so creamy and easy to throw on, I love.

Crown Brush Set // £60.99
I was recently contacted by Crown Brush to try out a set of their brushes and I’ve heard so many things about this brand that I had to say yeah and try them out for myself. I chose the 516 Syntho Brush Set and I absolutely love every brush in it. They are so soft and haven’t shed whatsoever, not to mention they look so elegant on my desk! My favourites are the mini fan brush which is perfect for highlighting my brow bone, nose & cupids bow and the powder brush. I think these are such good quality for the price, I haven’t put them down!

GHOST Whitelight Diamond Dust Fragrance // £27.00
Can we just talk about the packaging of this perfume? How cute is it?! If you love fruity fragrances like myself then you will without a doubt love this. The top notes include peach, pear and mandarin and oh my gosh, does it smell good! I have been literally covering myself in this lately, I just can’t get enough. Without a doubt my favourite summer perfume.


l'oreal lipstick in naomi's delicate rose swatch nyx lid lingerie in nude to me swatch

What was your favourite product last month?

~ This post contains gifted products, but as always, all opinions are my own. ~