Five Products For Healthy Hair.

Suffer with dry, brittle hair? These products might help…

If you follow my insta stories, you may have seen me post an image the other night of a clump of hair that had fallen out my head. Postpartum hair loss is no secret and I’ve found out that a lot of fellow mama bloggers suffer with it, including myself. I had hair loss before I was even pregnant due to heat damage, hair dye and just the state of my hair in general, but since I had Reuben, it’s so much worse! I haven’t dyed my hair much over the past year or so and the amount of heat I use on it has reduced by about 70% so there’s only one logical answer for me – postpartum hair loss.

It’s an absolute nightmare and I hate it, I already have really thin hair so losing even more isn’t doing it any favours. I find hair absolutely everywhere.

Anyway, I’ve been using a few different products over the past few months to try and reduce it as much as I can and even though I am still suffering, these have helped me a lot. These products are for anyone suffering with hair breakage, not just mama’s! Like I said above, I suffered with it really badly before I even became a mummy, when I was at uni my bed used to be absolutely covered in hair, so it ain’t just a motherhood thing guys. Keep reading to find out what products have been helping me!


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Salon Science Cellutensive Masque // £19.00
This masque is such a pick me up for my hair, whenever it’s feeling thin and has no volume to it all, I whip out some of this and it helps so much. It makes my hair instantly feel so much fuller and healthier. I try not to use it too much and save it for the days where my hair really needs some TLC, but I try to make it at least once a week so I can reap the benefits often. It’s so easy to use unlike a lot of hair masks too, I just pop some on after I’ve washed it, leave on for 5-10 mins, then wash it off and that’s it. I love the scent of this too, it’s so sweet and lovely. Nothing better than hair products that smell amazing and actually work!

Redken Cerafill Retaliate Shampoo // £18.50
My hair became thicker after the first use of this shampoo, I already have such thin hair but with pp hair loss it just constantly gets thinner and thinner. I’ve been using this shampoo every other day (to make it last!) and I can honestly say I’ve noticed a massive difference in my hair. It’s looked so much more voluminous since I added this into my routine and has given so much life back to it. I will 100% repurchase this when it’s run out as it has well and truly helped the sorry state of my hair!

Salon Science Thickening Serum // £15.00
I’m not usually a fan of hair serums, but one that claims to help reduce hair loss is always worth a try. I apply a couple of pumps of this into my hair when it’s damp and let it dry naturally and it adds a lot of bounce back into it. It’s supposed to leave hair stronger and healthier and using this combined with the other products has definitely made a massive difference to my hair. One thing I hate in serums, which I really struggle with, is when they leave my hair greasy. Thankfully this product doesn’t do that and just leaves it looking shiny & healthy.

Salon Science Celluluxe Shampoo & Conditioner // £12.00
Another set of hair products I’ve been using religiously is this shampoo & conditioner pair from Salon Science. I wash my hair most nights because it gets really greasy if I don’t, but it does leave it in a frizzy state which doesn’t help my hair breakage situ. This pair leave my hair feeling super clean and fresh whilst completely reducing the frizz. They honestly work miracles on my hair because it used to be so out of control, I looooove them. I can actually leave my hair to air dry and have it looking 80% decent thanks to these two bad boys. I absolutely love the scent of everything from this brand too, it all smells so so good.

So those are the five products that have been keeping my hair under control lately, my hair hasn’t looked this healthy in so long, it’s fab. Let me know if you know of any good products for hair loss/breakage, I could do with all the recommendations!

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