Five Ways to De-stress.

five ways to de-stress how to chill out

We all need a bit of a pamper every now and again and some time to just chill out, here are my top five favourite ways to do so…


This post is really fitting after the day I had yesterday, I was so stressed out. Sometimes I have so much work to do and deadlines to meet all whilst trying to keep my lil bub entertained/fed/in his routine and it just all gets on top of me and makes me feel so stressed out. I usually have to sit myself down, write a to do list and try and get each one crossed off in a timely manner so I can just breathe. Sometimes it’s really helpful to just sit down and have a bit of me time, and these are my fave things to do to relax.

Coffee & Cake
Two of my favourite things are coffee & cake (who doesn’t love them?) so nothing makes me happier than sitting down with a huge cappuccino and a slice of lemon cake – or chocolate! Ideally I’d like a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks but there isn’t one near me so I’ll have to make my own coffee for now…

Silky Skin
There’s nothing better than having silky smooth skin, not only does it make you look good, it makes you feel it too! My favourite products to slather on lately have been the Nuxe Dry Oil in Golden Shimmer & the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm which smells soooo good.

Facial Treats
If I’m having a lil pamper, you can’t beat a good face mask. I have super dry skin so my favourite one to use at the moment is the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, it smells incredible and it’s so hydrating! My skin always feels like it’s had such a treat after using this.

Getting Cosy
If there’s one thing that really chills me out, it’s treating myself to a long soak in a hot bubble bath followed by getting all cosy on the sofa with all my scented candles lit. I love getting under a blanket, putting a good film or tv series on, turning the lights off and lighting all my fave candles, it makes me feel so relaxed! My favourite candles to light recently have been my gingerbread one from home bargains and my lemon poppyseed one from Anthropologie; they both smell SO good.

Retail Therapy
Last but not least is the pricier option… if I’m feeling really really stressed out, a good browse on Cult Beauty picking up some new beauty bits always helps. I find online shopping a lot more relaxing than actually going to the shops, I can get under my duvet and browse for hours!

What are your favourite things to do to relax?