Autumn Wear.

topshop haul autumn clothing haul

Now that Autumn has arrived, it’s time for a little wardrobe update…


Clothes aren’t something I buy much of, even though my style is pretty basic, I’m still really fussy. Not only that, but when I do have money, I tend to prioritise buying makeup or homeware over clothes! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than wearing a bangin’ outfit as it makes me feel fantastic, I just need to learn to stop being so picky I guess! Anyway, my wardrobe has been looking very bare lately and as the weather has got colder, I thought it was about time that I updated it a little. I’m trying to focus on buying clothes that I can wear in any season that pair with a lot of different things, so that I don’t keep ending up with a ton of clothes I never wear. I’m awful for buying something quite expensive, absolutely loving it, and then never touching it again. I don’t do it on purpose but hopefully I can start avoiding it as it’s so annoying! Most of the clothes I’ve got recently are from Topshop, it’s one of my favourite places to shop, everything is so gorgeous. Keep reading to see what bits I’ve picked!


mango bag autumn clothing haul topshop haul


I’ll start off by talking about this bag that I got very recently. Since having Reuben, I never really buy bags as I usually have to drag his massive changing bag everywhere… but once I’d booked my trains for the Bloggers Festival, I realised I didn’t have any nice little cross body bags to take. I figured that I should probably buy one that I absolutely love and one that will look good with a lot of different outfits, so the hunt began. Again, I’m super fussy when it comes to choosing bags so it took me AGES to find one I really liked. It also had to be a good size, not too big, but big enough to fit in my olympus pen, phone, money, makeup… you know the drill. I found a few bags I liked but they were all too tiny to fit what I’d need, especially on a trip down to London. I had a look on Mango, somewhere I don’t usually shop, and fell in love with alllllllll their bags. Highly recommend you have a look on there as they have SO many nice ones. I found this little gem and I instantly fell in love! I couldn’t decide if I should buy it or not as it was £50 which I feel is a lot for a little cross body bag, but boy am I glad I bought it, it’s so gorgeous and goes with everything!

Something else I splurged on that I wasn’t sure about was this denim jacket from Topshop. I saw this in store and fell in love with it instantly but decided against it as I lived in jeans and felt like denim on denim was a no-no. I then later decided that actually, I did need it in my life and tried to find it online and it wasn’t on the website so I was absolutely gutted! I ended up going into town a few days later and I have the tiniest Topshop ever where I live but they had it right there, so I felt like it was a sign and I bought it. I’m so glad I did now because I have started to wear jeans less & less and mix up my style with skirts, leggings and dresses so I can wear it with pretty much everything now and it looks fab. It’s also the perfect Autumn piece as I can wear it on cooler days with tees as well as really cold days with a thick knit jumper!

Another item that I picked up from Topshop at the same time as the denim jacket was this really cute space tee from Tee & Cake. I saw this paired with the denim jacket on a mannequin and thought they looked perfect together, but again, I couldn’t fit it online yet it was in my local store! I don’t usually go for clothes like this as it’s not very “girly” but for some reason I’m really drawn to it and I think it looks so good. I love pairing this with my denim jacket and a pair of leggings and vans, or tucked into a skirt for a really casual but cool look!

These aren’t actually pictured as there’s not a lot of point, but I’ve been looking for some comfy leggings for ages and I’m so fussy with what I buy. Most leggings cling to my body shape and look so unflattering because I have quite large hips and they basically just make my legs look so puffy and fat and yeah. SO, someone recommended that I try Zara for leggings (I think it was Rach, so thanks if you’re reading this!) and I ended up ordering four completely different pairs and falling in love with one of them. They’re not high waist (which I’d prefer) but they are tight without being too tight, they don’t lose their shape and go baggy, and they just look very flattering on me which I find is rare with leggings! I highlyyyyy recommend them if you’re like me and struggle to find a decent pair, they’re just Zara’s basic leggings and only cost £12.99!


Another item I picked up was this black denim skirt, I’ve been after one for absolutely ages and working with Topshop was the perfect excuse to finally buy one. I am SO happy with it, like it just goes with absolutely everything. It’s one of those staple pieces in a wardrobe as I can wear it in any season and it goes with practically everything. I can wear it on it’s own with flats and a tee during summer (and when I go to Italy very soon!) as well as with a pair of thick tights, boots and a jumper during A/W. I’m so excited to wear this lots and lots.

I also got this flamingo embroidered shirt which I was a bit unsure on at first, because it’s really not something I’d usually go for, but I’m so glad I did. I’ve always really liked shirts but they either don’t suit me, or they’re far too tight. This one is absolutely perfect and I couldn’t love it any more, it’s not tight fitting at all, it’s oversized which is perfect for my taste. I love the flamingo embroidery on it, I really think it looks lovely and I can just see myself wearing this loads. Not only does it look so cute on it’s own with jeans/leggings/whatever, but it also looks super adorable under a knitted jumper with the collar out! I absolutely love the collar and jumper look (even though it makes me look like a school girl) so I will be pairing this with lots of knits.

The last thing I picked up from Topshop was this basic striped tee with ‘je’maime’ embroidery on. I thought that this would be a good Autumn pick because stripes are my absolute favourite and I think they go with everything. This cute little tee will look fab paired with my denim jacket, my black denim skirt, my leggings, just everything. I mean can you just see yourself wearing this with a cosy cardigan? Because I can!

The last thing I want to share with you, are these beautiful chunky boots from Asos. I shared them not long ago on a lust list and very shortly after, I went and purchased them – I couldn’t resist! I love a good pair of boots during the winter, not only are they great for my height but they also keep my feet v warm. The heel on these is the biggest heel I’ve had when it comes to boots, but they are so comfortable to walk in and I love them. I actually wore these to London for the day which was kind of a mistake as I was (almost) on my feet from about 7am until 1:30 the next day and my feet didn’t hurt much more than they would in flats so that shows they’re a good pair of boots right?!

So those are the clothing bits that I’ve picked up recently, I’m very happy with everything to say how fussy I am when it comes to clothes. Have you updated your wardrobe for Autumn yet?

~ This post contains gifted products, but all thoughts & opinions are my own. ~