Glossier Goodies.

I’ve been waiting for Glossier to be available in the UK for the longest time and now it finally is!!

I made my Glossier order the day it launched in the UK, but I haven’t posted my haul until now as I wanted time to trial everything out so I could let you all know my thoughts on it all. It’s safe to say that I love everything I got and I’m eager to make another order! I got a mix of skincare and makeup, but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon when it came to the cloud paints as my skin rarely works with cream or liquid blush and I didn’t want to waste my money. I also got one of the infamous pink bubble bags with my order and I’m very happy as they come in so useful. I think I’m already certain that the moon mask will make its way into my basket for my next order… but anyway, here’s the goodies that I picked up!



Mega Greens Galaxy Pack // £18.00
I was drawn to this mask because of the description of how it detoxifies and cleanses the skin, drawing out oil and impurities. Although I have really dry skin, I also suffer with a very oily t-zone and I’ve been having a lot of breakouts recently. I felt like this was the appropriate mask to help me out and I can’t believe how well it works! It doesn’t dry my skin out at all, yet leaves it feeling velvety soft and my face has looked so much clearer the next morning. I’ve only used this a handful of times since I bought it and applied a decent amount yet there’s still so much left and it’s worked wonders on my skin. I definitely recommend picking this up if you struggle with oiliness and breakouts!

Priming Moisturiser // £18.00
I love how lightweight this moisturiser is, the tiniest bit goes such a long way too. It sinks into my skin leaving it so soft and hydrated, I couldn’t recommend this any more if you’re a fellow dry skin sufferer, it’s perfect for the winter months! I also suffer with quite a bit of redness around my nose and on my chin and I’ve noticed that this helps to reduce it a lot which is perfect for the days when I don’t want to wear too much makeup. I feel like this is a good one to opt for over the rich moisturiser if you have combination skin like I do, as it helps to hydrate my skin without accentuating my oily areas. My makeup has been applying so perfectly over this, I’m in love!

Balm DotCom in Birthday // £10.00
I’m not going to lie, I mainly wanted this because of the cute packaging, how pretty?! However, I did really want to try out a Balm DotCom anyway so this was the perfect one to trial. A few of them are tinted, however Birthday is untinted with a subtle shimmer and has the most amazing cake scent & taste! It’s not sticky whatsoever like some balms can be, it’s super hydrating and I love the shimmery addition. It’s lovely to apply on days where I can’t be bothered with lipstick as it helps make my lips look a little bit more plump.

Stretch Concealer // £15.00
The stretch concealer was one of the main things on my Glossier wish list, I’d heard such great things about it that I was desperate to try it out for myself. I’m so glad I decided to get it because it’s one of the creamiest concealers I’ve ever used. The coverage is quite sheer but it’s buildable which is perfect for covering redness and blemishes so that you don’t look all caked. I got the lightest shade and I do think that there could be an even lighter shade for pale gals, but it works fine for me as I fake tan. I don’t use this on my dark under eye circles as I need something with better coverage, but it works perfectly on my redness. I can use this on days where I don’t want a full face and look like I’m not even wearing any makeup, it’s got such a natural finish!

Super Pure // £24.00
This has got to be my favourite purchase of all, the super pure is absolutely incredible guys! I’d read some reviews saying that this made people with sensitive skin a little sore but I have super sensitive skin as well as eczema and have had no problems with it. I mentioned before that I’ve been breaking out quite a bit recently, well this bottle of magical goodness has been completely sorting me out. I’ve been using just two little drops at night as well as on a morning and I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin in such a short space of time. It’s got a water-gel formula and sinks into the skin like nothing else, it’s perfect for me as I usually have to whizz through my skincare routine. My skin has looked so clear and glowy since I started using this and I can assure you that it’s firmly staying put in my routine!



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Have you picked up any of these gems lately?!